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The Complete Package

Cultivate a successful program while simplifying your administrative schedule at the same time!

Mainstages Theater ina Box

Our process-oriented, development-driven approach results in impactful and easy-to-implement theater programs across the nation.

There are two tracks to our Theater Program:

  1. Camp Services: Program partnerships with sleep-away and day camps during the summer.
  2. School Services: Session-based enrollment programs ideal for schools and organizations.

Each track is divided into five components:

  • Staffing & Training
  • Program Development
  • Production Supplies
  • Marketing & Publicity
  • Supervision & Support

Every program is different, so we customize based on the needs of each community. 

Staffing & Training

Success Starts With Great Staff!

Mainstages Theater ina Box

We're dedicated to making sure your Theater Program has the best staff available! That's why we hand select your staff member from our pool of talented applicants based on applicable skills and relevant teaching experiences.

Our Staff Members:

  • are professionals working as educators in their field, often with previous camp/school experience;
  • are confident administering a curriculum and communicating to reach goals;
  • are goal driven, take initiative, and successfully know how to negotiate "drama" both onstage and off;
  • possess a creative teaching style and innovative problem solving skills.

See details about Staffing & Training:

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Program Development

We Build the Infrastructure of Your Program!

Mainstages Theater ina Box

With a focused detail on your needs and a wide scope of influence on your community, we ensure an impact that reaches beyond the theater program. 

Here's how we get there:

  • Oversee overall program design & strategy of program.
  • Facilitate conference calls, webinars and one-on-one conversations with program staff.
  • Create lesson and activity plans that include an activities track for everyday periods and a performance track for clubs and intensives.
  • Develop itineraries and program outlines that build upon previous skills and applications.
  • Integrate relevant mission driven themes and activity resources into curriculum.

See details about Program Development:

Production Supplies

Take in the applause with our stage and sound packages!

Mainstages Theater ina Box

  This part of the package can be customized with one of our three options:

  • Theater Essentials Kit:  Curriculum, handouts, props, teaching tools
  • Production Kits:  Royalties, copies of scripts, costumes,  backdrops
  • Production Base: Backdrop stands, stage curtains, and presenter stand

 These Kits provide access to portable, easy to set up visual and audio displays to effectively present a show in what may otherwise be a limited performance space.

See details about Production Supplies:

Marketing & Publicity

We Ensure your Program Reaches Maximum Participation and Exposure!

Mainstages Theater ina Box

We will provide:

  • giveaways and supplemental materials sent to parents
  • printed backdrops, full color posters & custom playbill
  • display of information and materials by mainstages on our performances;
  • communication and family engagement.

.. and more.

See details about Marketing & Publicity:

Supervision & Support

We're Involved on the Ground to Ensure Your Program Exceeds Expectations!

Mainstages Theater ina Box

You'll receive active support in the day-to-day operations of your program to ensure success.

We manage the following:

  • Lines of communication between staff and administration;
  • Customized staging and performance needs based on your individual production choice and participant logistics;
  • Program alterations, modified teaching tools and best practices;
  • Assignment of a program supervisor who provides ongoing support;
  • Weekly resources and engagement opportunities for staff and participants.

See details about Supervision & Support: