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School Programs

Build Your Character!

mainstages delivers in-school or afterschool programming for any school or organization looking for year-round engagement.

Our process-oriented, development-driven approach results in impactful and easy-to-implement theater programs.

With 3 different program types available, we are certain to have an option to fit your needs!

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These skill-building programs are designed so that each session stands on its own, allowing for flexible attendance and varying numbers of participants weekly. Workshops emphasize the core values of theater, using creativity and community building to foster life skills that participants will take with them long after the program ends.


Ideal for programs that are elective-based, showcase programs invite participants to take an active role in the creation process, using essential storytelling structure and character-building skills to create an original performance influenced by participants' unique interests and skills.


Production Programs put theater fundamentals to the test, by showing what it takes to create a full production! This experience allows participants to learn and strengthen basic theater skills, terminology, and elements of show production. Participants work on their collaboration, independence and creativity as they mount a different popular musical each season!

If you still have questions about mainstages In-Person Programs, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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I had so much fun doing the mainstages program! The directors and choreographers made everything so fun and I learned a lot about acting and being on stage." - Reilly Souther, afterschool participant



Afterschool staff are recruited, screened and hired directly through mainstages. The staff that are assigned to you become part of our Teaching Artist training community, where they learn hands-on with other specialists; focusing on activity facilitation, collaboration, and how to manage general supervision responsibilities in the afterschool environment. They are fully screened according to Department of Education standards and trained to deliver a quality program.


We ensure an impact that reaches beyond your theater program!

With a focused detail on your needs and a wide scope of influence on your camp community, mainstages provides the following services:

  • Oversee the overall program design & strategy of your program.
  • Facilitate conference calls, webinars, and one-on-one conversations with program staff.
  • Create lesson and activity plans that include an activities track for everyday periods and a performance track for clubs and intensives.
  • Develop itineraries and program outlines that build upon previous skills and applications.
  • Integrate relevant mission-driven themes and activity resources into your curriculum.


We are active in the day-to-day operations of your program to ensure success!

We manage the following:

  • Lines of communication between staff and administration.
  • Customized staging and performance needs, based on your individual production choice and participant logistics.
  • Program alterations, modified teaching tools, and best practices.
  • Assignment of a program supervisor who provides ongoing support.
  • Weekly resources and engagement opportunities for staff and participants.

mainstages is an approved Board of Ed. subcontractor with 40+ Teaching Artists running workshops & providing performances for all ages across the tri-state area and beyond!

Let us take care of everything - We handle all program logistics, paperwork, and staffing!