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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a mainstages performance is right for me?

We are a company founded by children’s educators and program directors. As such, we understand what your unique needs are. We work to make sure that your experience with us is more than simply great entertainment, but something that becomes a part of the fabric of your community.That means we go the extra mile in everything we do, from our communication style to researching your organization to create a custom experience that reflects your community’s values.

How do I book a mainstages performance?

The easiest way to contact our booking team is to complete our quick quote form so we have your dates and details and can confirm availability. If you’ve already submitted your details to us, please make sure to reply to your booking manager to confirm your booking. Your in-person performance is not confirmed until you’ve signed your docusign agreement and paid your minimum payment.

What are your COVID-19 safety protocols?

mainstages remains committed to ensuring safety for both our staff and our clients. To that end, we are continually developing and updating our COVID-19 safety protocols as guidelines change. OYour audience will have a great experience knowing that they are staying safe at the same time. Our performers are all fully-vaccinated. Please click here to read our full COVID-19 safety plan.

Does mainstages perform in my area?

We tour nationwide! Shows between 60-150 miles away from the NYC area require a 2 show minimum. Shows outside of the tri-state area are part of a tour and require a minimum full-day booking with additional considerations. For further accessibility, you might be interested in The mainstages Virtual Game Show - it packs the same entertainment value as the in-person option, but is conducted completely on Zoom!

How many people can mainstages accommodate?

Our goal is to integrate as many participants from the audience into our shows as possible, so the smaller the group, the better the experience. The maximum audience size for Interactive Performances is up to 75 participants. The mainstages Game Show can be performed for up to 200 participants.

Do you perform indoors? outdoors?

We perform both indoors and outdoors provided proper safety protocols are in place. An ideal space for a mainstages in-person performance is one where we are on the same level as participants to make participation seamless. Indoor performances offer better control of our surroundings and allow us to use more of our performance supplies.

As a policy, we prioritize our performers’ safety and equipment, so weather and other factors are factored into the decision to perform either outdoors or indoors. If you would like us to perform outdoors, you’ll need to notify mainstages at the time of your booking and e-sign an additional Outdoor Performance Addendum.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that Covid-19 complicates in-person planning and we try to be as accommodating as possible. If you cancel up to 72 hours before the performance, we will apply your deposit towards a future booking, with no penalty (excluding any incurred expenses related to tour travel). Cancellations within 72 hours of your event are not eligible to be credited to a future booking.

What is the suggested age range for a mainstages performance?

We currently have in-person performances for audiences of all ages. Interactive performances (scripted shows featuring characters and puppets) are best for participants ages 3-7. The mainstages Game Show has four different styles for you to choose from. See below for our recommendations:

The mainstages Game Show
Ages 3 to 7 - All for Won Game Show
Ages 7 to 13 - School-Aged Game Show
Kids of all ages + their families - Family Fun Game Show
Teens + Adults - Team Building Game Show

Can adults participate in your performances?

Absolutely! Interactive performances have hidden jokes for families and staff to appreciate. During The mainstages Game Show, teen/adult staff members will be asked to serve as captains, helping select participants and get in on the spirit by playing specialty trivia and challenge rounds. Our Family Fun and Team-Building Game Shows are built specifically with teen and adult participants in mind.

How do you split teams for The mainstages Game Show?

We typically split audiences into two teams, unless otherwise requested. To have the best experience, your group should be split into teams with mixed ages and co-ed groupings on both teams. We can do this ourselves prior to starting the game show with advance notice, but if you have a simple way of dividing the participants before the show, it will help us get right into the show!

What kind of communication do you require, both prior to, and on the day of the performance?

We find communication to be an important factor in making sure you have the best experience with your performances as possible. We ask that you reply to the email that contains your performance details, (search your inbox for an email titled ‘Verifying mainstages performance details') and thoroughly review it for accuracy. You are always welcome to give us more information on how we can best tailor the performance to your community.

On the day of the performance, your main performer contact (noted in the final details email we send two days prior to your performance) will confirm the necessary details onsite.

What is your performance set-up like? Do you need any supplies from us?

Upon booking, we will check to ensure that you can provide us with a 6-foot table, access to an electrical supply within 50 feet of the performance space, and an open space.

What do I need to know about the day of the performance?

You’ll receive a final confirmation shortly before your show date with the name and emergency number for your main performer contact. We will arrive approximately 1 hour prior to your first performance time. We will inquire about loading and unloading at the time of your booking to ensure we can get as close to the performance space as possible. It takes about 45 minutes to set up and 30 minutes to break down after a performance. The mainstages phone line (347-878-2431) remains your best point of communication if emergency changes are required.

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