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We offer program partnerships for both sleepaway and day camps during the summer!

Our process-oriented, development-driven approach results in impactful and easy-to-implement theater programs across the nation.

What's New For Camp Programming This Summer

This summer offers new opportunities to broaden the specialty programs you offer “in the bubble” at your camp and we’re here to deliver the program support that meets your needs while accommodating the flexibility that each camp requires.

We’re providing you options that:

  • Are easier to deliver, both in terms of objectives, and the number of supplies that require shipping.
  • Strengthen your internal programming in a summer where you likely will have fewer out-of-camp trips and visiting entertainment.

Our Camp Programming is divided into five components:

Staffing & Training...

...Success starts with great staff

Program Development...

...How we build the infrastructure of your program

Production Supplies...

...Take in the applause with our stage and sound packages

Marketing & Publicity...

...We ensure your program reaches maximum participation and exposure

Supervision & Support...

...How we're involved on the ground to ensure that your program exceeds expectations.

Every program is different, so we customize based on the needs of each community.

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