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Why work for mainstages?

mainstages in an educational theater company for children. We've been running in-person programming and performances for schools, organizations, and camps across the country for over 10 years. Wherever there is an opportunity to foster creativity in kids, we're there.

Since March 2020, we have brought our new virtual programming and performances to an even wider, global audience. We’re helping provide connection at a time when kids need it more than ever. No matter what we do, our values of Improvisation, Connection, Character, and Imagination are at the core of it!

We have jobs available across the country!

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Staying Safe This Summer

mainstages is committed to ensuring our employees' safety as we return to in-person performanes and programming this summer.

In-Person Summer Teaching Artists

mainstages Teaching Artists deliver amazing in-person experiences for kids in the NYC area. We are looking for a self-starter who is confident in their leadership skills and can deliver daily theater-based programming to students.

Teaching Artists have the following responsibilities:

  • Represent mainstages in a school setting.
  • Arrive on time and communicate with mainstages in a timely manner.
  • Self-report to schools in the NYC area.
  • Formulate, with mainstages' support, daily lesson plans.

In-Person Summer Tour Performer

Summer Tour Performers rehearse and act in adult performances for kids including playing multiple characters in interactive performances and hosting interactive Game Shows. We are looking for dynamic character actors with a contagious personality and an innate ability to connect with children.

Performers have the following responsibilities:

  • Represent mainstages at interactive performances and game shows.
  • Arrive at performances on time and communicate with mainstages in a timely manner.
  • Greet and interact with audiences of all ages in a professional manner.
  • Understand setup & breakdown including Audio, Visual, & Display.

An Ideal Candidate for In-Person Summer Performer:

camp staff
  • An energetic performer with strong improvisational skills.
  • A self-starter who can host a game show, play three characters in an interactive performance, and lead an improv showcase performed by children (ala Whose Line is it Anyway?) all in the same day.
  • Thrives on the unpredictable and can bring the noise, energy, and drive to make every show special for the audience.
  • Has the ability to self-report to Astoria, a clean driver’s license, and comfort driving in NYC.

I feel like mainstages gave me everything I needed in order to succeed at summer camp. Whatever surprises that came my way, I felt in control because I knew my goal and I had a strong support system ready to guide me towards success.

- Jonathan Sanz , Teaching Artist

Summer Camp Staff

mainstages has been placing Teaching Artists and Theater Directors in-person at day and sleepaway camps nationwide to lead theatrical programming for over 11 years.

Camp staff have the following responsibilities:

  • Teach theater one to four hours daily as part of selective and daily programming for children spanning in age from 3-16.
  • Direct and produce shows during the summer.
  • Collaborate positively with music, art, and dance specialists.
  • Serve as a bunk counselor with an assigned age group, when requested.
  • Commit for the entire duration of the camp contract.
This job requires a full immersion into camp life. You will be asked to commit for up to 8 weeks any time from early June to mid-August. College students and recent college grads are encouraged to apply!

We are currently hiring on-call camp staff on an as-needed basis.

Summer Camp Master of Fun

This is not your typical theater job, but then again, these are not typical times. We are looking for people who are willing to rise to the challenge to become, not just amazing mainstages Teaching Artists And Theater Directors, but MASTERS OF FUN!

An Ideal Candidate for Summer Camp Master of Fun:

  • You provide a wider range of creative entertainment on camp - beyond the theater.
  • You consider yourself a performer, able to “turn it on” with big energy and spirit.
  • You are the "life of the party," and love to entertain.
  • You are comfortable around people from all walks of life.
  • You pull from special skills that might not be considered a traditional part of a teaching artist's repertoire.
  • You can be relied upon to facilitate, with support, camp entertainment ranging from mystery shows, theme days, game shows to DJing a party.

We are currently hiring on-call camp staff on an as-needed basis.

Virtual Performer & Entertainer

mainstages has figured out a unique formula for virtual variety shows on ZOOM and now runs upwards of 40 virtual shows per week!

An Ideal Candidate for Virtual Performer & Entertainer:

  • You are a master of technology who can simultaneously monitor the chat, spotlight participants, troubleshoot, and launch a poll.
  • You are an expert mimic, able to see something being performed and instantly copy the energy, vibe, and style.
  • You are a believer in “Operation email inbox 0,” committed to communication and responsibility.
  • You are Captain Flexible, able to roll with the punches and modify on the fly.
  • You have a slew of skills that you think will translate to exciting, engaging online experiences for kids.

We are not currently hiring for this position.