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Summer 2022 Camp Performance Tour

Bring interactive entertainment to your camp this summer!

Interactive performances, game shows, and theater workshops with a range of packages to meet the needs of your specific camp.

The mainstages Game Show - In-Person!

An interactive extravaganza that celebrates being together again in a safe, supportive, and lightly competitive environment.

Fuses the trivia categories you know and love with interactive improv games!

mainstages In-Person Interactive Performances

Character-driven adventures mix puppetry and storytelling with high-participation games and activities ideal for ages 3-8.

Interactive performances are steeped in educational values and take the audience from spectator to participant with hilarious and high-energy results.

Our COVID-19 Safety Protocols

mainstages remains committed to ensuring safety for both our staff and our clients. To that end, we are continually developing and updating our COVID-19 safety protocols as guidelines change.

If you still have questions about mainstages In-Person Performances, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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