A mainstages performance takes the audience from spectator to participant with hilarious and high-energy results! See our currently available performances.


Now available in 4 different styles - including a team format and our exclusive All For Won formats - The mainstages Game Show is now accessible for all ages and needs! Whether you’re looking for competition or collaboration, our new trivia categories, interactive improv games and physical challenges will guarantee laughs while emphasizing the values that make your community special!


Interactive Performances are ideal for ages 3-10 with character-driven adventures that mix puppetry and storytelling with high-participation games and activities.

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The kids really enjoyed the Game Show, and our staff enjoyed getting to play along too. I've heard good feedback all around, and I appreciate you being part of our summer program!

- Pam Levi , Camp Canadensis

If you still have questions about mainstages In-Person Performances, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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