Games to Play This Holiday Season!

posted on Dec 16 2022

by Jo'Lisa Jones, Artistic Director


Christmas is all about spreading quality time with loved ones, spreading love and cheer. These activities are a great way to fill your home with laughter and joy!

Spinning Snowflakes

This relay game can be played by breaking up into 2 teams. Have the first person spin around 8 times then crawl in a “straight line” to the other side. Once there they have to yell “Merry Christmas,” put on a piece of winter clothing and crawl back to the other side. Then the next person will go. Whichever team completes the challenge first is the winner!

Reindeer Games

Those fun antler headbands are not just for decoration in this game! One person will be Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer and everyone else will be the tossing Reindeer. One by one you will take turns tossing 5 golden rings to try and land it around Rudolph’s antlers. Rudolph may move their entire upper body, but must keep their feet planted. Whoever has the most rings on Rudolph wins!


Chanukkah is considered the celebration of lights from the miracle of a tiny bit of oil keeping the Maccabees menorah lit for 8 nights. These light themed activities offer a fun way to honor this miracle!


This is a flashlight version of “Freeze Dance” which is best done in a dimly lit room. One person is “It” and holds a flashlight while everyone else has a dance party to their favorite music. When the light hits a dancer, they must freeze. If the person that is “It” catches someone still moving in the light they get to pass the torch to that dancer who is now “It.”

Shadow Puppet

What to share a Chanukkah story with your family? Consider crafting some cut-out figurines and placing them on sticks. Once you have all the characters you need, place a light on the floor or table so that it is shining against a blank wall. Make sure to shut off all other lights so that the room is dark. Hold your cut-outs between the light and the wall, you can hold them closer or farther from the light to vary the size. Now you can enjoy your shadow puppet play!


Kwanzaa is a time to celebrate Black History, culture and all the valuable contributions Black people have made to society. This is reflected in The Seven Principles and celebratory symbols of this holiday. These 2 activities explore the symbols of Corn (representing children and the future) and the Unity Cup (honoring our ancestors).


This popcorn relay race is messy but fun! You’ll want to pop a large bowl of popcorn in the center of a room. Evenly distribute empty bowls around your home. Each bowl should have a title, this can be things we want to accomplish in the future. Have each person take turns to fill up as many bowls as possible within one minute. This activity invites a great conversation of how children see their future!

Unity Cups

Pull up images of shapes or buildings that can be made with stackable cups. Have everyone work together to recreate these images without any instructions. This challenging activity helps you work on communication skills and imaginative solutions all while having fun!

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Jo'Lisa Jones

posted on Dec 16 2022

by Jo'Lisa Jones

Jo'Lisa brings her experience as an NYC actor and theatre activist to her work as Artistic Director. She is recognized for her creativty, dedication to diversity, equity and inclusivity, and fostering relationships with innovative artists. Jo'Lisa has performed with many NYC theaters and partnered with organizations that specialize in elevating the voices of marginalized communities. She has used applied theatre to work closely with people of all races, genders, and neuro-diversities. Jo'Lisa co-founded and now is President of the Board of EMIT Theatre Company. She is passionate about continuing to build a safe, inclusive, innovative and educational mainstages community.