5 Events to Boost Camp Spirit All Year Long

posted on Nov 04 2019

by Eva Casey, Marketing & Engagement Strategist

It’s September. You’ve just finished the best summer your camp has ever had and camp spirit is high. Parents, staff, and campers all left happy and now, the camp is quiet.

But you’re not about to rest. You know it takes more than the previous summer’s success to drive forward momentum for next summer. The school year is long and a kid’s memory is short. How do you keep them engaged with camp all year long so that when spring rolls around, they’re still pumped and excited to return?

As a theater company that works with many camps to provide year-round entertainment, we’ve seen a lot of fun themes and ideas. We’d love to help you make your event stand out, so contact us now to plan your custom experience.

There are many ways to boost camp spirit all year long, but here are five of our favorite ideas for connecting with your campers before next summer:

1. Fall Family Day

By mid-October, everyone is craving that outdoorsy fall experience. They’re ready for hayrides, pumpkin patches, and hot cider sipped in fresh clean camp air. Your camp is the PERFECT place to host the ultimate fall party! Stock up on apple cider doughnuts and Halloween candy, and offer them a Fall Family Fun Fest they’ll remember for weeks to come!

2. Special Trips

By December, the school year’s bright shiny novelty has worn off, and kids are ready for something fun and different. Bring that novelty with special trips and cool events for all! Buy group tickets to a sports game or a Broadway musical. Organize a group outing to a movie premiere or the arcade. Reserve an office on 34th street and invite your campers to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! What are the unique attractions in your area? Get creative and make them work for you!

3. Mini Maccabiah/Color War

Who says you can only offer the crazy fun of a color war during the summer? Host a one-day mid-winter game day, complete with team-building chants and slogans, arts and crafts activities, and big group field games in your gym. Finish off the day with a game show or trivia challenge to celebrate an awesome day and bring an exciting ending to the competition!

4. Spring Into Action to Help Your Community

As spring approaches, kids are ready to get out of the house, and parents are ready for a break. A Spring Community Day gives everyone a chance to get active in helping their community prepare for the changing of the season. Organize groups to work in local gardens and clean up roadsides. And don’t forget to plan an end-of-the-day party to celebrate your hard work!

5. “-Athon Day”

As camp is fast approaching, get everyone excited to return to the great outdoors with field games and athletic competitions at camp. Organize a multi-event day of outdoor contests and games, including swim-athons, hike-athons, and more! This is a great opportunity to show off any brand new facilities (playgrounds, shelters, etc) that you may have built or improved upon since last year, as well as a chance for potential campers to check out the grounds.

Tips & Considerations

As you plan your event, be sure to consider the following tips:

  • Schedule your event around other big events happening in the area so that you can engage the larger community. For instance, a halloween party before/after a halloween parade.
  • Save big announcements for events.
  • Encourage your current campers to bring friends and family.
  • Don’t forget to invite staff and alumni. You could even offer prizes or a special giveaway to encourage attendance!
  • Don't be afraid to charge for an event. Oftentimes, a nominal fee sets an expectation of attendance and increases perceived value for what you are offering.
  • Build an online RSVP page to collect information before your event (this also helps you know how many people to plan for!)

Camper engagement doesn’t have to stop on the last day of camp. You can boost camp spirit and build anticipation for next summer all year long. Whether it’s a special event, a family day, or a camp throwback event, year-round engagement will strengthen your connections with current families, as well as provide opportunities to grow with new ones. We're here to help! Pull out your planner and start brainstorming!

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Eva Casey

posted on Nov 04 2019

by Eva Casey

At mainstages, Eva focuses on social media, digital content creation, and brand management. As a teaching artist, she specializes in devised work, improv, and musical theatre. Eva currently also teaches as a private voice and piano instructor.