We're going to give you a sneak peek of what you can expect when you book a mainstages virtual experience.

Please use the corresponding link below to schedule your demo. If you want a preview of a mainstages Virtual Birthday Party, please click on the Birthday Party Demo NOT the Virtual Performance Demo. The Zoom Link will follow in your confirmation email and calendar.

Virtual Birthday Party Demo:

Taylor Ann, our Birthday Booking Manager, will answer all of your questions about our virtual birthday parties. She can help you decide which birthday package is right for you, and help ensure the party goes off without a hitch! Feel free to bring the Birthday Star!
kid virtual birthday party on zoom

Virtual Performance Demo:

If your organization is in search of a memorable virtual performance or event, schedule a demo with Bob, our Director of Performances. (NOT for Birthday Parties)
Bob in a zoom class

Recurring Virtual Program Demo:

If you're looking for a recurring virtual program for your organization, schedule a demo with Taylor Ann, our Program Manager, to discuss what an ongoing virtual program could add to your remote learning curriculum.
excited kids in a zoom class