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Create Your Virtual Passport to Summer:

1. Choose Your Destination

Read the descriptions of our summer offers below, and decide on the ones that are right for you and your family. If you need help deciding, take a look at our values page with videos explaining mainstages online.

2. Book Your Ticket

On the form at the bottom of the page, you can search for your desired program or performance, or look for it under one of three categories: weekly FUN-inars, specialty camps, and special events.

3. Find Your Travel Buddies

If you are interested in forming a community where you and your family can get to know mainstages hosts and other families virtually, take advantage of our package deals! Get all 5 weekly FUN-inars for $10 off and all 4 summer shows for $40.

4. Relax and Enjoy the Journey

When you submit the form below you will be sent a confirmation e-mail that will contain the ZOOM link and details regarding the program(s) and/or performance(s) you registered for. We will also send a PDF with some helpful hints for ZOOM . You can expect to receive an e-mail for each program or performance, so keep an eye out!

Weekly FUN-inars

These interactive weekly gatherings will combine our arts education and entertainment expertise with the signature mainstages wackiness that's fun for the whole family!

Drop-in to one or two, or join us for all 5 weekly FUN-inars! Participants get to know the hosts and other participants over a series of weeks and feel like a part of a community.

smiling little girl interacting with puppet operated by mainstages staff

mainstages: PLAY! (Pre-K through 2nd Grade)

Wednesdays @ 11-11:45 AM EST

Perfect for small children with lots of energy, this interactive session includes puppets, interactive storybook theater, movement, and creative play guaranteed to stretch your child's imagination and get their bodies moving!

3 kids making excited faces

mainstages: LIVE! (1st through 5th Grade)

Thursdays at 3-3:45 PM EST

Join us for an hour of creative virtual fun! These highly engaging FUN-INARS feature tons of creative elements utilizing ZOOM, including polling, Q & A, hand-raising, and more. Our tech-savvy, professional hosts switch characters, share videos and media, and use audience participation for hilarious results.

Man in green coat leading trivia

Trivia Night (Teens and Adults)

Tuesdays @ 8-9PM EST

Adults deserve a break too! Join us for Virtual Trivia where our resident trivia expert will guide you through fun, interactive trivia rounds on Zoom. Tuesday Trivia Nights will be a mix of general trivia on all topics - from history to pop culture, there's something for everyone!

Specialty Camps

Three weeks of specialty camps that you won't find anywhere else. We take the traditional summer camp and turn it on its' head. And since we've been running virtual programs for months now, our hosts are experienced at facilitating the online classroom .

Whether your kid is interested in creating videos online, solving mysteries, or just being silly, there is a mainstages specialty camp they will love.

kids acting silly on stage

mainstages Comedy LIVE! (3rd-6th Grade)

July 20-24, 3-4:30PM EST

What tickles your funny bone? Work together with fellow campers to create a series of original sketch comedy inspired by the things that make us laugh! Each session features improv games and fun as well as student-driven devising and recording. The program culminates in the production of a series of comedy sketches for participants to keep and enjoy!

detective character on stage with a magnifying glass

Mysteries at Home with Detective Lingo (Pre-K-2nd Grade)

July 27-31, 3-4PM EST

Who-dun-it? Nobody knows . . . but we’re gonna find out! Join Detective Lingo in this interactive mystery series as you interrogate suspects and puzzles through clues on the way to solving the mystery! Observation and creative problem solving are the name of the game!

Special Events

As an entertainment company that has performed high-energy shows for kids nationwide, we know how to bring the FUN. Even though we won't be bringing the magic of theater on the road this summer, it's easier than ever for you to come to us!

Our virtual special events this summer are sure to be a hit. We have something for everyone, from interactive games for the whole family to a mystery show where YOU get to interrogate the suspects to a trip to Bubbe's house, this summer is sure to be unforgettable.

actor detective making a funny face

Detective Lingo: A Virtual Campfire Mystery (3rd-6th Grade)

Thursday, July 23rd @ 4PM EST

Join Detective Lingo on a spooky mystery that takes place at an imaginary summer camp with five wacky suspects! You will need to try and solve the crime based on clues that you get in real time! Professional improvisers and performers playing suspects will be learning about the mystery as it unfolds, and THEY are trying to solve the crime with along with the audience as they get more information. As the mystery plays out in front of you, Detective Lingo himself moderates this solvable whodunit over Zoom. Make sure you bring your detective’s hat and imagination cap! Please note at this mystery will include some frightening storytelling presented for ultimately comic effect.

Bubbe blowing bubbles

Bubbe's House for Summer (Pre-K-2nd Grade)

Thursday, July 30th @ 4PM EST

Welcome to 36 Chutzpah Lane! Join Bubbe, everyone's larger-than-life grandmother, for interactive fun, singing, and storybooks at Bubbe’s House - the place where you learn AND have fun. Participants will learn about select Jewish holidays and traditions in an interactive format over Zoom. Welcome to Bubbe’s House!

excited mainstages employee

The mainstages Super Mega Awesome End of Summer Bash (All Ages)

Thursday, August 6th @ 4PM EST

Everyone can celebrate at this end of summer party . . . exactly like the start of summer party, but at the end instead! Join mainstages characters, performers, and puppets for interactive fun games that are great for the whole family celebrating the end of the 2020 summer!

Keeping mainstages Accessible this Summer

If you want to register but have financial concerns, please email us at and we will do our best to offer you financial assistance.