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Resources for Families at Home

I'm bored! What else is there to do? I've done everything already!

I'm sure you've heard these complaints at least a few times.

At this point, we've been stuck at home for a few weeks now. The newness has worn off, semi-routines have been established . . . and kids are starting to go crazy.

Whether you're looking for a new interactive game to play with your preschooler or a creative fun worksheet to keep your elementary school kid occupied, we've got you covered. Here are some of our favorite games and activities to keep your child busy so you can actually get things done!

For your Pre-Schooler:

Change Three Things

Give your child a few seconds to look you over, then ask them to hide their eyes or turn their back. While they aren't looking, change three things about your appearance. Then ask them to look again and see if they can spot the changes you made!

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Peanut Butter Hello Song

Teach your child the following chant:

Peanut butter, marmalade, and jam!
Let's say "hello" as --- as we can!
Hello! Hello! Hello!

Now, ask your child to choose an emotion, like happy, or tired, or angry. Sing the chant with them, inserting the chosen emotion into the blank. At the end, practice saying "hello" with as much of the chosen emotion as you can. Be as expressive as you can, using both your body and your face-- it will encourage your child to be super expressive too!

Here to There

Stand at one end of a room with your child. Explain that you're going to walk from one end of the room to the other, BUT you're not going to walk the usual way. Instead, you're going to pretend like you're walking through a field of slime! Then move across the room with your child, verbally articulating what you might be experiencing with all five of your senses while walking through such a field. Your goal is to get them to engage in this imaginary world you are creating.

Repeat with other silly settings, such as outer space, hot lava swamp, gigantic bed of pillows, etc.

For your Elementary School Kid:

What's Dat?

"I know this is a hat . . . but we could also use it as a mixing bowl!" Choose an object from around the house, such as a hat or a scarf (make sure it's something that you're comfortable with your child handling). Ask your child to show you what it's used for. Then ask them to show you what else they could use it for and mime demonstrating that use. After your child comes up with an alternate use, it's your turn! Keep playing until no one can think of another use. If playing with an older child, you can make it trickier by giving them 15 seconds to name and demonstrate as many alternate uses for one object as they can.)

What are you doing?

Ask your child to mime doing an activity, such as reading or eating an apple. Then ask them "What are you doing?" When they reply, rather than telling you what the thing they are miming, your child should name a completely different activity. You will then start miming that activity, they will ask "What are you doing?" and you will name a new activity for them to begin. Continue until neither of you can think of anything else!


Your child: the expert! Choose a niche topic for your child to specialize in, then pretend you're on a morning talk show and interview them about it! Favorite topics include: toothpaste, birthday parties, kangaroos, and the sky.

Continuing Story

Once upon a time . . . Ask your child to begin telling a story. Set a timer for 30 seconds. When the timer runs out, you have to take over for the next 30 seconds. Continue until the story is done. This is also a great game to get the whole family involved in!

For the Whole Family:


"I'm the toast." Pick a basic machine or appliance, such as a toaster, a washing machine, or a bicycle. Everyone must work together to recreate that object, using just their bodies. Every person must be a part and (safety first!) all feet must stay on the ground at all times! Make sure to make your machine run once you've built it!


Pick someone to be "it." While "it" is out of the room, decide on three things to charade. Call "it" back into the room, then act out those three things, one at a time, working together as a whole group. If you need a little extra pressure to make it fun, add a timer!


Topic . . . timer . . . go! Pick a topic and give each person 30 seconds to name as many things that fit in that topic as they can! Change up the topic between people, and feel free to tailor the subject to the person. mainstages favorites include breakfast cereals, modes of transportation, and ice cream flavors!

Party Quirks

Welcome to my party! Pick one person to be a host of your party. Everyone else is the guest. Each guest must come up with an usual quirk or tick in their personality (mainstages favorites include germophobe, thinks they're famous, insomniac). Have each guest enter the party, one by one, and see how long it takes the host to guess their quirk!

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