Virtual Entertainment for Organizations

Virtual Entertainment for Organizations

Let mainstages Entertain Your Community On ZOOM

Even though in-person events are on pause for the time being, you can still engage your organization's community at home. Join mainstages for a virtual variety show certain to bring a smile to your face!

The Need:
In these ever-changing times, society is full of people forced to stay at home, desperately in need of social interaction, a way to engage kids, and a LAUGH!

The Ability:
As a theater and entertainment company that has a network of talented Performers nationwide, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the FUN social experiences that so many people need right now. Our performers are equipped with engaging personalities and the skills to command people’s attention and engage them in virtual fun. By creating interactive, virtual experiences, we are giving people the ability to feel socially connected with others at a time when they need it more than ever.

Introducing mainstages: LIVE!

We’re at the center of a new form of entertainment: something that has the stimulation of live TV while offering the opportunity for attendees to influence the action and directly engage with performers.

“We are uniquely positioned to deliver the fun social experiences that so many people need right now.”

These original, highly engaging online FUN-INARS feature a ton of creative elements utilizing the functionality of ZOOM, including polling, Q & A, hand-raising, and more. Our tech-savvy, professional hosts switch characters, share screens with super cool videos and media, and use audience member participation for hilarious results that are guaranteed to brighten your day!

Ideal for:

  • Religious groups and community centers seeking to engage their communities
  • Virtual Afterschool programs
  • Virtual Camp programming
  • Corporations looking to boost workplace morale and nurture their teams


Schedule a 15 minute mainstages: LIVE! preview on zoom with us now and see for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a free video-conferencing platform that allows participants from anywhere to connect virtually. With high-quality video, easy-to use features, and great group interactivity, Zoom is perfect for educational settings.

What Do I Need For Zoom to Work?

  •  A web browser with an internet connection
  • A desktop computer, laptop, tablet, OR smartphone (Zoom works with PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, AND Android)

  • (Recommended, but not required) Device with a built-in camera or webcam to access video features. Zoom

    can also run with audio only.

Do I Need to Make an Account or Download an App?

No! All you need to do is follow a link (URL Address) that will be sent to you by e-mail. Downloading the Zoom App is not necessary, but is recommended for optimal use. The Zoom App will download automatically when you join your first Zoom meeting, or you can Download the Zoom App ahead of time ​here​.

How Do I Join A Zoom Meeting?

Very easily! Just click the link (URL Address) in the e-mail that will be sent to you. This will automatically give you access to join the meeting.

For more detailed instructions, watch this quick ​tutorial​.

What are some Zoom Meeting Etiquette Tips I Can Provide for my Participants?

  • The same rules apply in a Zoom Meeting as do in school and other educational settings.

    • Be Respectful

    • Be Responsible

    • Be Kind

  • Utilize the chat function appropriately. Share your thoughts, but make sure not to share the answers

    to any questions that aren’t being asked of the whole group. That ruins the fun!

  • Host(s) can see you most of the time, but they can’t hear you. It’s best to have your full body in the

    frame so you can participate in all of our games!

  • Remember, any inappropriate behavior will result in you being removed from the meeting.

Does Zoom protect my privacy?

Each meeting has its own unique link and is therefore only accessible to participants who receive an email. The Zoom Meeting is a safe and private space for participants to have fun and connect with each other.