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Let Us Train Your Staff

Are you looking to make sure that your staff is on the cutting edge of virtual facilitation, teaching, and hosting?

Give your staff the tools to be successful on Zoom by booking a training with mainstages! It can be difficult to keep people engaged on a virtual platform AND set yourself up for success, but we are committed to having your back! These hour-long virtual trainings are all designed to help you and your organization thrive by teaching you the same tools, tricks, and tips utilized every day in our virtual programming and performances for kids and adults.

Zoom Tech Boot Camp

Learn how to control the backend of Zoom for interactive impact! In this workshop, you will learn how to control the different technical aspects of Zoom and how to set up your virtual classes. Learn more about security settings, spotlighting, pre-meeting tips, and how to avoid common pitfalls. The goal of this training is not only to get you comfortable using Zoom for facilitation but also to help you articulate and fix technical issues on the fly.

Zoom Facilitation 101

While participants might be stuck at home, that doesn't mean that you can bring the camp fun to them! Learn how mainstages performers and teaching artists keep kids engaged with distractions just a click away. In this workshop, we will demonstrate strategies for maximum engagement, gameplan for interactive activities over Zoom, help you wield the Zoom platform to your advantage, and get you in the right headspace to be able to effectively teach or perform virtually.

Virtual Facilitation Continuing Ed

With the world in virtual mode, it can be tough to keep up! In this series, mainstages virtual professionals will keep your staff up to date and on the cutting edge of virtual entertainment and education.

Each week during your summer, a mainstages staff member will drop in on your general staff meeting for a brief presentation on what is new with Zoom and other virtual platforms and facilitate a discussion amongst your staff about what has been working for them in the signature wacky mainstages way.

They will also provide examples of how other mainstages program partners have been adapting to the ever-changing virtual landscape with case studies and fresh games to keep your campers engaged. Let's keep the camping community strong through collaboration!

Are your ready to make your staff a group of virtual stars? Click the link below to schedule your training or hear more!

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