Frequently Asked Questions

These are The mainstages Virtual Game Show FAQs for organizations such as schools, summer camps, religious institutions, community centers, corporations. If you're looking for a birthday party, you can find those FAQs here.

How do I know if this is the right choice for my community?

We’ve been genuinely excited about the overwhelming popularity of our virtual performances across all ages and types of organizations. We’re confident that we can find the right “secret sauce” to entertain anyone from a feisty four-year-old to too-cool tween to skeptical adult and beyond! We are the right choice for your community if you value interactive and engaging activities done in the virtual world.

How do you integrate my themes and values into your show?

We individually review and plan for EVERY virtual show by looking at the questionnaire you fill out after booking your show and creating a “custom set list." Though The mainstages Virtual Game Show focuses on the fun, we love to include custom moments that connect with your audience on a deeper level. Whether that's a category all about the animals your students have been learning about or a getting to know you match game, we try to make each game show unique to you.

Do you offer any discounts?

The pricing for The mainstages Virtual Game Show is designed to be very competitive, in order to be accessible to communities of all sizes. Our prices are non-negotiable. We do offer a lower-cost Virtual Hangout option if you have 15 or fewer participants.

When do I need to make a decision about booking?

We require all bookings to be completed with full payment made no later than the Monday prior to the weekend of your show (weekday shows require 4 business days). Due to the volume and quick turnaround of virtual shows, we cannot guarantee a time slot for a show until complete payment is made. Do not delay! We often fill up weeks in advance.

When do I get the link? How do I share it with guests?

After you confirm dates/details and pay for your show, you will receive the Zoom link in a confirmation email from us within 3 business days. You will be responsible for inviting your guests. The best way to share the link with participants is to email them directly. Due to our volume of virtual shows, we are unable to create a registration page for your event.

Can I host the show on my ZOOM account instead of mainstages?

It IS possible for us to use your Zoom link instead of ours, but we will ask that you send us the Zoom link upon booking and can confirm your ability to make our performers Co-hosts.

How do you keep Zoom secure and safe?

We aim to be easy and low maintenance with little tech knowledge needed for you as the client. Our performers are equal parts entertainers and tech wizards. We use our Zoom hosting capacity to ensure that security settings are safe, including using a password-enabled link, waiting room, and monitoring the chat and participant videos to ensure a safe space.

What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel before the show?

We understand that it can be hard to predict enrollment. Per the terms of our agreement, your money is fully refundable up to 10 days prior to your show date, after which we would be able to offer you a credit towards a future booking. Cancellations within 72 hours of your event are not eligible to be credited to a future booking. That said, we always do our best to be flexible and accommodate you with moving/rescheduling your show date/time but it’s equally important that you track RSVPs and communicate with us regarding enrollment updates, especially if you are unsure of the turnout.

How do I promote my virtual performance?

We recommend creating a registration page for your event and collecting RSVPs so you know how many people/screens to expect. Make sure to email guests a reminder about the event with the Zoom link. Social media is a great way to promote your event as well. You can include us in your social media promotion @mainstages on Facebook or Instagram and we will make sure to share it out. Please email us if you’d like our virtual performance press release or logo for promotional use. Due to our volume of virtual shows, we are unable to provide custom content for your event publicity.

What are the steps to confirm my booking?

Complete our quote request form (if you haven’t already) with the requested date and time. We will confirm that your date/time is available and send an invoice via Quickbooks. Please use the link in that email to pay the total via credit card or e-check. Your booking is NOT confirmed until this payment is received. Upon receiving your payment in full, we will follow up with the Zoom link and send you our custom questionnaire to start planning!

What else does mainstages do?

Aside from The mainstages Virtual Game Show, we also offer recurring virtual programming for organizations and virtual birthday parties. In addition, mainstages has been running in-person theater programming and performances at schools, summer camps, and other organizations for over 10 years.

Do you offer an in-person game show?

We do! In fact, The mainstages Virtual Game Show was adapted from our popular in-person mainstages Game Show to fit the virtual format. We have recently started offering the in-person game show again, re-imagined to follow all COVID-19 safety protocols. If you are interested in booking an in-person game show for your organization, fill out the quick quote form below.

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