camp staff faqs

Camp Staff FAQs

What camps do you work with?

mainstages partners with day and sleep-away camps across the United States and Canada. Partner camps are typically traditional camps that offer a wide variety of programs and utilize mainstages for their theater and fine arts support.

Our partner camps are accredited by the American Camping Association and are considered premier in the camping movement.

Why do I want to work at a mainstages partner camp?

Children learn and grow in the blink of an eye. Camps provide the opportunity to play, grow, be inquisitive, and artistic. You can act like a kid again all while fostering creative young minds. Our partner camps allow you to leave the worries of the modern world behind for 8 short weeks. When you leave you’ll be left wanting 8 more weeks!

mainstages teaching artists and theater directors, on average, earn 10-15% MORE coming through us as opposed to other summer placement services.

In addition to salary, sleepaway camps will provide meals and lodging during the summer. Sleepaway camps have staff and campers from all over the world! Short of working for the United Nations, you won't find such an eclectic community quite like this.

All while spending your summer in the great outdoors!

How old are the kids?

Generally, kids range in age from five to sixteen, though most kids auditioning for our plays tend to be between eight and fourteen. Day camp starts at three years old. Our curriculum targets children beginning at age four.

At sleepaway camps you may be placed with a specific age group for lodging and counseling. That age group will be determined by the camp in collaboration with mainstages, based on your previous experience and personality.

What's the curriculum like?

There are two core units to mainstages curriculum: a performance track for children who audition and participate in the shows, and an activities track for campers who arrive as part of a rotating schedule.

The activities track is steeped in movement games, focus exercises, character, and improvisation, while the performance track emphasizes ensemble, sensory work, and stage vocabulary.

The production track includes Showcase productions (original plays and "jukebox musicals") and full-fledged musicals including costumes, props and royalties. 

For each track, you are provided with a daily breakdown of suggested programs and lesson plans.

What are my living arrangements?

If placed at a sleepaway camp, Theater Directors are required to spend the duration of their contract living at their placement camp, typically in a large bunk area with 3-5 other staff and anywhere from 8-16 campers. Accommodations may vary and some private sleeping arrangements are available.

Theater directors receive one day off a week and periods off daily. Theater Directors at sleepaway camps generally will have private or semi-private housing accommodations. Specialty Camp Directors will be provided short-term housing at their contracted camp or a nearby accomodation.

Day Camp Teaching Artists will be placed at a local camp and will be asked to self-report to camp, with no housing is provided. Some Day Camps are full-time (5 days a week) and others are part-time. Part-time Teaching Artists may be offered more than one placement during the summer.

How does a mainstages internship work?

mainstages offers college credits at many theater schools and conservatories. Credits range from 2-6 for the summer, depending on educational institution attending, and may be applied as elective or educational credits.

Schools require communication with a guidance counselor or advisor to determine parameters and measures of judgment. mainstages serves as intern sponsor and works with camp staff to make sure internship goals are reached.

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