Staff Testimonials

Staff Testimonials

“I feel like mainstages gave me everything I needed in order to succeed at summer camp. Whatever surprises that came my way, I felt in control because I knew my goal and I had a strong support system ready to guide me towards success.”

- Jonathan Sanz, Teaching Artist

“I often thought, several times over the summer, how well mainstages prepared me for the job.”

- Ashton Carter, Teaching Artist

“I really enjoyed that the games can not only be used in lessons but also doubled up as a useful resource when you have a few minutes here and there with the campers and need to keep them entertained. The entire program was an invaluable resource.”

- Chelsea Bish, Teaching Artist '15

“I loved the curriculum. I never felt like I didn't know what I needed to teach, and didn't have to waste class time trying to figure out what games to teach!”

- Allison Schnoff, Teaching Artist '15

“Having a great team backing me up that is serious with a great sense of humor.”

- Brooke Debettignies, Teaching Artist '14, '15

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