staffing and training

Staffing and Training

Get The Right Person Running Your Program!

One of the most important resources that we provide is a qualified staff member who shows up at your camp prepared to successfully implement your camp's theater program. All applicants undergo a comprehensive screening process to determine relevant qualifications for your camp including conflicts of availability, geographic location, and applicable skills and experiences.

Scroll down for more information on the referral process and our pre-camp staff training.

Our Staff Referral Options:

Direct Placement

Together we predetermine the salary for your staff member and we directly place them based on the parameters you provide for us. We conduct all elements of screening including checking references on your behalf, contracting your staff, organizing travel, and supervising the completion of all relevant paperwork. For program partners, this option includes the mainstages staff member guarantee, whereby mainstages will find you a satisfactory replacement staff member at no additional expense to you.

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Network Referral

Similar to Direct Placement above, you provide your parameters for the position to us and we will then screen applications and refer qualified candidates to you. Whenever a potential match is identified, you receive an application highlighting that person as well as their requested salary range. In this scenario, the camp is responsible for conducting interviews, checking references, negotiating the final rate of pay, and contracting the staff member. Program partners will be asked to place their staff member(s) with a completed contract by April 15.

You can also place your own staff to participate in the theater program!

Available positions for placement include:

  • Theater Counselors & Supervisors
  • Dance Specialists
  • Song leaders
  • Visual Arts
  • Tech/A.V.
  • Program Director
  • Pianist
  • Accompanist
  • Costume Designer, and more!
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NEW for Summer 2021: The Master of Fun

During a summer where fewer field trips and outside guests will be possible, mainstages is introducing the Master of Fun.

Your MASTER OF FUN can bring all this to your camp this summer:

  • DJ’ing, Hosting & Emcee Skills
  • Tech Ability
  • Game Show Supplies & Media for Trivia Tournaments
  • Physical Challenge Zone Activities
  • Rainy Day Activities
  • Games for Staff Engagement
  • Interactive Mystery & Performance Scripts & Outlines
  • …and more based on your staff member’s unique skill set!

We Give Your Staff Member the Tools to Succeed!

After placement, all Camp undergo pre-camp training where they'll learn with other camp specialists. For Summer 2021, as outlined in our COVID-19 Safety Protocols, we will be conducting all of our trainings online, focusing on activity facilitation, collaboration, and how to manage additional responsibilities in the camp environment.

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