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Program Development

Looking to make an impact with your Arts Programming at camp?

Not only does mainstages provide your camp with everything you need to put on multiple fabulous productions over the summer, but we also cover arts programming camp-wide! Even if your campers never want to set foot on stage, they're still engaging with the arts at camp.

arts program development at camp

With a focus on your specific camp needs, mainstages provides the following program & development services:

  • Overall arts programming design & strategy.
  • Create lesson and activity plans that include an activities track for everyday rotating periods and a performance track for clubs and intensives.
  • Develop a curriculum that builds upon previous lessons and activities for a well-rounded summer.
  • Integrate relevant mission-driven themes and resources into the curriculum.
  • Facilitate conference calls, webinars, and one-on-one conversations with program staff.
arts program development at camp

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