theater production supplies

Production Supplies

Theater Supplies give you everything you need to run a successful theater program at your camp.

This summer offers new opportunities to broaden the specialty programs you offer “in the bubble” at your camp and we’re here to deliver the program support that meets your needs while accommodating the flexibility that each camp requires.

From daily activity periods to a full-scale musical, we’ve got you covered with easy-to-access digital resources and easy-to-set-up visual and audio displays!

Depending on which Camp Package you choose, you will receive one of three supply packages:

theater essentials kit

Theater Essentials Kit

Our Theater Essentials Kit provides all the necessary facilitation supplies for a successful drama activity program.



Our Theater-In-A-Box gives you access to The Digital Production Library with scripts, music, and production resources you need to put on a show. mainstages acts as production management to help ensure a succesful summer of theatrical productions.

specialty camp package

Specialty Camp Package

Our Specialty Camp packages gives you everything included in The Digital Production Library PLUS supplies that will take your production to the next level, like props, costumes, and backdrops.

Camp Supply Packages

Camp Supply PackagesTheater Essentials KitTheater Production PackageTheater Production PLUS Package
Curriculum Guide:
ImprovExpert App:
Laminated Stage Markers & Place Cards:
Handouts, Guides & Worksheets:
Imaginative Play Props & Teaching Tools:
Audition Materials & Facilitation Tools:
Access to Our Directory of Shows:
Theatrical Royalties:
Digital Scripts & Musical Files:
Costume Accent Pieces:
Certificates of Achievement:
Set Materials:
Show Memorabilia for Cast:
Tech Consultation:
Any Additional Tech & Stage Needs:

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