Passover Games to Play with Kids

Passover Games to Play with Kids

Passover is an excellent opportunity to spend time with loved ones and friends, but what about keeping the kids entertained? See below for some fun games and activities to do with kids come Passover!

Physical Challenges

Cleaning Chametz

Using several props or things to symbolize unleavened bread/non kosher food, challenge the participants to try and move as many items to their "area" of the room without using their hands! You can either tell them to keep their hands behind their back, use the traditional feather, or use another tool. For younger participants, you may want to consider letting them use their hands.

Find the Afikomen

Challenge the participants to find the afikomen in either a room, house, or other space! You can have several afikomen as well just to add to the fun.

Let My People Wobble

Split the kids into teams. Using a play ball for each team, challenge them to place the ball between their legs and have them try to either move through an obstacle course or in a straight line. The first team that has everyone able to complete a circuit wins!


Which Biblical event is commemorated by the Passover holiday?

  1.  The Exodus from Egypt
  2.  The dedication of the Temple
  3.  The creation of the world
  4.  The fall of the wall of Jericho

Which Biblical person is the hero of the Passover story?


Name 3 commandments.

Name 4 plagues.

Which of the following animated movies is about Passover?

  1.  The Little Mermaid
  2.  The Jungle Book
  3.  The Prince of Egypt
  4.  Beauty and the Beast

Passover begins with a special meal, called "seder". Kids have a special role in opening the seder. What is it?

They ask four questions

Act Out

Charade the Plagues

Have participants draw different plagues out of a hat that they then have to charade (use silent clues) to the rest of the group!

  • The Nile River turns to blood
  • Frogs
  • Lice
  • Beasts
  • Livestock disease
  • Boils
  • Hail
  • Locusts
  • Darkness
  • Death of the First Born

Group Sing Along

Challenge a participant to hum this popular Passover song while the rest of the group guesses. If the group loves the song, why not lead a sing along of the whole thing?

  • Mah Nishtanah
  • Dayenu
  • Eliyahu Hanavi
  • Avadim Hayinu
  • Ask if the kids know one not mentioned here!

Looking for more Passover fun? Try booking a Passover Game Show, or either of our popular Interactive Performances- Meet Moses: A Passover Journey and The Great Matzah Ball Cook Off!