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After-school Package - Production Supplies

Take in the applause with our stage and sound packages!

These packages provide access to portable, easy to set up visual and audio displays to effectively present a show in what may otherwise be a limited performance space.

Theater Essentials Kit

Our Theater Essentials Kit provides all the necessary facilitation supplies to run a successful program, including:

  • Curriculum Guide & ImprovExpert App.
  • Laminated stage markers & place cards.
  • Handouts, guides & worksheets.
  • Access to perusal scripts & directory of shows.
  • Costume accents.
  • Imaginative Play Set.
  • Audition materials & facilitation tools.

Production Base

Our Production Base is a portable and easy to setup display to effectively present a show in what may otherwise be a limited performance space that includes:

  • Two sets of professional grade 12’ x 10’ backdrop stands, ideal for production kit displays.
  • Two red stage curtains 8’ in height and 10’ in length, ideal for creating better sightlines and entrances/exits.
  • Folding Presenter Stand for narration and staging.
  • Complimentary Tech & Setup Phone Support.
  • Consultation on A.V including purchases related to sound and lighting.

Full-Scale Production Kits

Our full-scale production kits are your complete resource for professionally staged children’s theater performances. Production kits are available both as individual lease items without theatrical royalties or in tandem with selections available as part of our Directory of Plays. Production kits include:

  • Theatrical royalties/permissions.
  • Copies of scripts.
  • Costumes.
  • Backdrops.
  • Props.
  • Certificates of Achievement.

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