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Afterschool Package - Program Options

Our Session-based enrollment programs are ideal for schools and organizations.

Our process-oriented, development-driven approach results in impactful and easy-to-implement theater programs.

With 3 different program types available, we are certain to have an option to fit your needs!

Workshop Programs

These skills-building programs are designed so that each session stands on its own, allowing for flexible attendance and varying numbers of participants weekly. Workshops emphasize the core values of theater, using creativity and community building to foster life skills that participants will take with them long after the program.

Showcase Programs

Ideal for programs that are elective-based, showcase programs invite participants to take an active role in the creation process, using essential storytelling structure and character-building skills to create an original performance influenced by participants' unique interests and skills.

Production Programs

Designed for elective-based programs in which 90 minutes or more are available for rehearsals weekly, production programs allow participants to enjoy all the elements of show production while working towards the performance of a popular musical. Production programs are arranged in conjunction with Music Theatre International and include backdrops, costumes, sets, and more.

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