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Maya's Metaverse

A NEW time-traveling interactive performance for ages 3-8

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Maya's Metaverse

Maya Nia lives a “regular” life at a “regular” camp & is about to have the most irregular experience! In this hip-hopping, time-traveling journey, participants join Maya in the metaverse, traveling to different points in time, meeting exciting and eccentric icons and taking on unique challenges along the way. Join Maya to meet characters, both real and fictional, and discover that you are never too young to make big change!

Maya's Metaverse is a format that allows us to create new and ever-changing icons to form a database of interesting and exciting characters, based on themes, seasons, and types of Audiences! This ensures that we hit the mark for your specific needs, while keeping the show fresh for repeat audiences.

Example Themes:

Perform Judaism

Allows us to introduce your community to different Jewish Icons and share lesser known stories of Jewish identity and strength. Icons include biblical Miriam, Barbara Striesand, Albert Einstein, and more.

Female Leadership

Participants follow a female protaganist to learn about different female icons in history, including not just icons from the past, but also learning about young females making a difference in today's world.

Lost In the Story

With an emphasis on literacy, storytelling, and dress-up, Lost In the Story finds participants meeting different literary characters in a fast-paced, interactive format featuring puppets, music, and games.

Winnie the Pooh teaches her about the importance of friendship and different perspectives, Matilda shares the benefits of perseverance, and Peter invites Maya to enjoy a snowy day and stay curious about the joy that new adventures can bring.

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