8 Tips for Safe Entertainment at Summer Camp in 2021

posted on Mar 01 2021

by Eva Casey, Marketing & Engagement Strategist

As the first summer when many of us, mainstages included, will be back in-person, there are a lot of things to consider. Taking a cue from summer camps who safely brought kids back to camp in 2020, we have come up with some guidelines of our own. As an educational theater company for children, we have been placing theater specialists and bringing performances to summer camps for over 11 years. This year will be a different one for theater at summer camp, but we can't wait to see what new and exciting memories will be made!

For other live entertainment companies like ours, check out our 8 tips to ensure safety for summer camps in 2021.

safe entertainment at summer camp in 2021

1. Keep it Outside

This summer, mainstages will be performing outdoor shows only. Sounds great, but what about unforeseen weather? We will be prepared to perform rain or shine with overhead protection for our performers and supplies.

Okay, but what about the campers? In the case of inadequate coverage for inclement weather, we would consider running shorter sessions independently with smaller rotating groups.

2. Stay Local

As an NYC-based company, our geographic touring region this summer will be limited to the tri-state area. Beyond state-imposed rules and regulations, the logistics of performing outside of that range make things tricky. Imposing a limit on how far you will travel to a camp ensures a certain level of safety.

We are also limiting our in-person summer calendar to one camp per day per performer group, except in the case of a brother/sister camp or camp that shares campgrounds. We recommend offering some sort of incentive for associated camps to book on the same day like we're doing with our Day Camp Buddy Up program!

safe entertainment at summer camp in 2021

3. Adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines

We hope it goes without saying at this point, but all performers should be performing wearing masks and adhering to social distancing guidelines. Our performers will also be tested weekly and temperature checked prior to entering your grounds (unless they are vaccinated, which is our optimistic goal!)

It's important to impress the severity of performers' responsibility in avoiding high-risk activities outside of work to ensure safety for them and the campers.

4. Use the Buddy System

We will be closely coordinating pairings of performers so that the same people work together whenever possible to limit exposure. Logistically, it's a great way to ensure maximum availability for camps. It also gives partners a great opportunity to bond and keep improving throughout the summer.

safe summer camp 2021

5. Keep it Clean

No, not the playlist, although that too. We mean your equipment. We will be sanitizing our supplies after each performance. Hygiene standards for performers will be strictly enforced. We want to minimize contact wherever possible.

6. Double Up

Most camps will have a need for smaller groups of audiences. By performing one show multiple times and/or doing multiple shows on the same date, we will help camps make it through a summer with fewer field trips and on-site entertainment options. Offering a financial incentive to book more than one show at a time is a win-win!

7. Rethink Fan Favorites

Our mainstages Game Show is always a hit with campers. It also previously featured handheld buzzers and other non-socially distant components.

This summer, we redesigned the game with participants lining up to answer questions. Our physical challenges will be designed for small “bubble” groups with single-use props for campers to keep! With a little creativity, many of your tried and true offerings can be reimagined for a COVID-safe space.

8. Minimize (Financial) Risk

Most entertainment companies and summer camps alike are in a challenging financial situation after this past years' events. We are offering a full refund up to 10 days prior to the show date, after which will offer credit towards a future booking. By extending a worry-free booking policy for your clients, you will ensure goodwill beyond summer 2021.

No matter what theater at summer camp ends up looking like in 2021, we know that the camp community is strong. Our partner camps have been constantly innovating to respond to changing safety guidelines. And mainstages has followed suit, by committing to helping everyone, including our performers, have awesome camp experiences while ensuring a safe summer camp season in 2021. 

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Eva Casey

posted on Mar 01 2021

by Eva Casey

At mainstages, Eva focuses on social media, digital content creation, and brand management. As a teaching artist, she specializes in devised work, improv, and musical theatre. Eva currently also teaches as a private voice and piano instructor.