Navigating Final Days of Camp: Celebrations and Goodbyes

posted on Jul 26 2021

by Jessica Pomeroy, Program Coordinator

Wow! It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over. Camp staff and directors have been jumping through hoops to ensure that campers had the best summer ever, despite pandemic restrictions.

As the end of camp approaches, we are looking for ways for campers to say goodbye and celebrate their accomplishments in theater! Organizing a fun final day of camp that incorporates activities and conversations gives campers closure and allows them to reflect on their camp experience! This step-by-step guide will help you to make your final day of camp an awesome experience for the campers.

Step 1:

Find out what’s possible

Talk to the camp director or supervisor at your camp and find out what might be possible for your final day or celebration with your campers. Make sure to consider scheduling, camp rules, and COVID precautions.

Step 2:

Decide how you want to say goodbye

Think about games that your campers have enjoyed in the past that they might like to play! You could also find out from the camp director if it’s possible for them to do things outside of their normal schedule like swimming or even watching a movie. This can be especially fun if you’ve done a show: for example, if you put on a production of Willy Wonka, you could watch the Willy Wonka movie with them if you can find a way to coordinate it! These kinds of activities can be especially fun for kids at sleepaway camp who haven’t gotten to do much movie watching this summer. Whatever you choose, find the things that will feel fun and different for your campers.

Step 3:

See who can help

Find out if any of the counselors you have worked with during the summer might be available to come to help out on your final day to facilitate games!

Step 4:

Remember to celebrate AND allow for reflection

Playing games and watching movies is lots of fun, but a final day at camp or celebration can be a great time for reflection as well. Try a game of roses and thorns with your campers, where they each say one or two things they LOVED about theatre at camp and one or two things they did NOT love about it. This allows them to feel closure, and gives you some tips as to what worked and what didn’t as you prepare for future classes or camp seasons!

It’s been an awesome summer, and we hope these steps will be helpful as you decide on a safe and fun way to say goodbye!

Jessica Pomeroy

posted on Jul 26 2021

by Jessica Pomeroy

Jessica Ashleigh Pomeroy is an NYC­ based director, producer, performer and teaching artist. She holds a BFA in Dramatic Arts with a Concentration in Directing from The New School for Drama. Jessica grew up in Connecticut, where she first discovered her love of theatre, a love that only grew as she got older, and that she is passionate about sharing with young people. Jessica looks to bring professional ­level performance training to young performers, and seeks to do just that through her training and experience as a singer, actor and director.