showcase programs

Showcase Programs

Showcase Programs offer the opportunity for participants to take part in a final culminating performance, which is why regular attendance is a must! 

We offer 2 different Showcase Programs to choose from:

Triple Threat Academy!

This is an ensembled-led showcase program featuring a mainstages original script and popular Broadway Jr. songs.

Over the course of this showcase program participants will learn and strengthen basic theater skills:

  • How to talk like an actor! Theater Vocabulary, Projection/Articulation, Creating a Character Voice
  • How to move like an actor! Stage Directions & Blocking, Creating Character Physicalities
  • How to prepare like an actor! Collaboration and Social Skills, Audition and Rehearsal Etiquette, Memorization and Getting OFF BOOK
Ideal for: Grades 1-5

For Us By Us!

This is a Devised Theater Program specifically designed to showcase High School students' skill sets and personal identities.

Over the course of this program participants will work collectively to devise and produce their very own theatrical showcase. Participants will develop their artistic lens through holistic thought, empathy, critiquing and implementation.

Each showcase is unique to their community so no two showcases are the same!
Ideal for: Grades 9-12

In addition to a fully-trained Theater Director, a fully developed theater curriculum, and ongoing support from a Program Supervisor, you will also receive:

Marketing & Publicity

Make your new Theater Program known!

We ensure your program is buzzing loudly enough to encourage maximum participation and exposure.

We will provide:

  • Giveaways and supplemental materials to be sent home highlighting the program with opportunities for family engagement
  • 12’x 10’ backdrop for branded performances and programs
  • Opening Night Package including Full Color Cast Posters & Custom Playbill
  • Display of information and materials for the 4000+ children that participate in mainstages year-round performances and camp program.

Production Supplies

Our Production Base is a portable and easy to setup display to effectively present a show in what may otherwise be a limited performance space that includes:
  • Two sets of professional-grade 12’ x 10’ backdrop stands, ideal for production kit displays.
  • Two red stage curtains 8’ in height and 10’ in length, ideal for creating better sightlines and entrances/exits.
  • Folding Presenter Stand for narration and staging.
  • Complimentary Tech & Setup Phone Support.
  • Consultation on A.V including purchases related to sound and lighting.

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My child is so excited. I think this experience already has made her more confident. We are so grateful to you all for having this program, it really makes a huge impact on the kids!

- Nina Livingston , Parent