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Programming FAQs

Camp Director's FAQ

How much time in the camp schedule do I devote to the program?

We have determined that a successful show at summer camp requires a minimum of 20 hours of full cast rehearsal time per session.

A camp with 3 week sessions might offer 1 hour rehearsals daily for the first 2 weeks of camp and 2 hour rehearsals through the last week prior to performance.

Like most initiatives at camp, the more time and support you can devote to the theater program, the more the impact.

What plays do you offer?

Every year mainstages offers a limited selection of production kits for lease to our partner camps.

Production kits include backdrops, display stands, costumes, royalty acquisition, and scripts.

Our selections include Junior versions of popular musicals, original works, and commissioned productions ideal for summer camp.

Available production kits and rates change based on a variety of factors. For a list of our current selections, please contact us.

How do theatrical royalties work? Do I really need them?

There is no way around it.

You need theatrical royalties regardless of whether or not you charge admission or the final show doesn't closely resemble the original.

Fines for using the name or image of a show in which you did not acquire royalties can be expensive.

There are benefits in acquiring royalties for a production including the ability to promote the production and valuable supplemental resources for rehearsal.

What is your staff hiring/screening process?

Our staffing system is a reflection of our creative culture. Our unique process relies on the viewpoints of camp professionals, theater educators, and casting associates.

  • A nationwide search lands us ideal candidates.
  • A group interview and educational session showcases their social interaction, youth knowledge, and experience in a peer-led format. After screening, thoughtful preparation is made in hand selecting both the camp and staff member who we think may be the best fit.
  • The camp has the opportunity to screen and interview the applicant and make the final selection.

We recognize that finding, training, and retaining quality theater staff is our most important function and we provide unparalled focus to the task.

Can I pick and choose from the services you offer?

Our package options are designed to offer flexibility to each camp's needs. Our goal is to help you in the ways you want help. We customize. You can also speak to one of our camp correspondents at 347-878-2431 .

What are my extra costs?

There are no hidden fees built into the mainstages program.

In addition to program fees, camps should expect to pay:

  • a salary to teaching artists (within a pre-determined range as decided by camp and negotiated directly with staff);
  • a travel stipend in line with the camp's standard travel reimbursement policy.

Camps that choose to lease production kits requiring theatrical royalties will be expected to pay those fees directly to theatrical licensee.

What security do I have if the service doesn't work for us?

Satisfaction with our partner camps is our top priority. We are available and invested to ensure program success.

Participants in our premium package receive peace of mind knowing they are covered in the case a staff member leaves early or doesn't show up with a replacement staff member or 100% money back guarantee.

If a contracted camp chooses to opt out of the program after February 1, a 20% non-refundable deposit pertains to our spotlight and premium package.

What are some of the camps you work with?

Click here for a list of our teaching artists, theater directors and some of our partners from last summer. For a list of satisfied references, please contact us.