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Programming FAQs

How do I know which mainstages program is right for my school/organization?

Our team are experts at determining your needs based on logistics and have effective solutions for all needs. Our workshop programs provide freedom in regards to the amount of sessions, number of participants and age range. Our Showcase Programs offer the best of both worlds with a culminating experience that builds singing, dance, and acting skills. Our Production Program offers consistency for participants to acquire responsibility, grow their independence and learn the value of teamwork by mounting a Broadway Jr. show.

How many participants can mainstages accommodate?

The maximum session size for Workshop Programs with a Teaching Artist and a sanctioned counselor(s) in the room is up to 25 participants. There is a maximum session size of 20 participants without counselor(s) present.

The maximum session size for Production Programs with two Theater Directors and a sanctioned parent volunteer in the room is up to 40 participants. There is a maximum session size of 35 participants without parent volunteer present.

What is the suggested age range for a mainstages program?

We currently have programs for participants of all ages. Fairy Tales Around the World is best for participants ages 3-7. Showtime at the Museum provides flexible programming and is best for ages 8-11. Challenge Accepted! develops participants independence and is best for ages 12-14. For Us, By Us provides professional development and is best for for ages 14+. Triple Threat Academy is best for ages 6-11. The Production Program is best for grades 3 and up.

What kind of space do you require?

Our Teaching Artists can facilitate both indoors and outdoors provided proper safety protocols are in place. For any of our programs, it is best that we do not share the space with other activities to ensure participants can stay focused and have a safe space to explore their creativity.

Workshop Programs have the most flexibility, with sessions able to occur in classrooms (best suited for K-2), gyms, auditoriums, or cafeterias. An ideal space for any Showcase or Production Programs requires an open space like an auditorium, cafeteria, or multipurpose room.

What is your staff screening process?

Our staffing process is a reflection of our commitment to hiring a diverse and qualified team. We screen applicants through assessing their facilitation skills and classroom management, conducting reference and background checks and finally ensuring our applicants are fingerprinted with the Department of Education.

What type of Teaching Artists do you have?

We have Teaching Artists from various backgrounds and identities which represent the diverse communities you serve. They share your mission for social-emotional enrichment through innovative theatrical programming and experiences. Our staff are fully vaccinated, fingerprinted and background checked.

What programs and plays do you offer?

Every year mainstages offers a limited selection of Broadway Jr. shows, original plays, and workshops. Available offerings and rates change based on a variety of factors. For a list of our current program offerings, please contact us.

How do theatrical royalties work? Do I really need them?

You need theatrical royalties regardless of whether or not you charge admission or the final show doesn't closely resemble the original. Fines for using the name or image of a show in which you did not acquire royalties can be expensive. There are benefits in acquiring royalties for a production and valuable supplemental resources for rehearsal.

How do I book a mainstages program?

Launching a new program typically involves an initial conversation to discuss goals and details together on Zoom.  The easiest way to get started is to complete our quick quote form so we have your details and can confirm availability. From there we will contact you to schedule a time to briefly chat.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that complications arise and we try to be as accommodating as possible. If a session needs to be canceled, we will attempt to reschedule the session date. If it is unable to be rescheduled, a credit will be applied towards future bookings. Cancellations made in less than 24 hours notice will be billed at full rate except in the case of illness and/or inclement weather.

What kind of communication and oversight do you require from us?

Our program is designed to be self-sufficient. That said, we find collaboration and communication to be an important factor in making sure you have the best experience with our programs as possible. Production Partners complete a form to see if they qualify.

Why should I choose mainstages?

We are a company founded by children’s educators and program directors. We work to make sure that your experience with us provides responsive and quality programming based on your community’s unique needs. From our communication style to our cultural inclusivity, we go the extra mile in everything we do.