Kids in costumes posing for camera

Pop-Up Performance

Our most immersive performance experience!

The perfect option for specialty clinics or multi-day programs. Each mainstages Pop-Up Performance is tailored to fit your community's needs. Participants that are given time with our performers are integrated into a final performance that is either a scripted show using our performers as principal actors OR participants who devise a show with our performers and then perform it for their peers! The aim is not just to entertain, but to make an imprint and create something that is part of your organization's culture and feels "home-made." With a variety of options for time commitment prior to the performance, there are highly visible involvement opportunities for participants rehearsing as much as a day in advance or as little as an hour!

Every Pop-Up Performance features our mainstages Performers as characters taking the participants on a journey both through the theme of the show as well as the process for creating a theatrical work. The Pop-Up Performance is a great way to "scratch the itch" for participants looking to perform in a way that fits YOUR schedule!

A Pop-Up Performance with mainstages includes:

  • Copies of outlines/scripts for all participants.
  • Roles for up to 30 participants.
  • mainstages staff including director and stage manager.
  • Backdrops and costume accent pieces.

Get ready for an immersive experience with one of our Pop-Up Performance themes:

The Fabulous Feats of Frieda Bee

Join time traveller Frieda Bee on a journey through history that is both about self discovery and helping to save the future by taking part in the events that shaped the present!


One night, Benji is struck by lightning, and he is transported into the apps in his phone! Join Benji on an interdimensional quest to navigate the life inside his apps and escape back to reality!

Custom Experiences

Our custom experiences are the ideal option to specifically suit a performance to a targeted event, theme, or value. Tell us your objective and we will oversee the performance design from start to finish, including original scripts, outlines, program plans, and on-site rehearsals.

Our Custom Experiences cover anything you might be looking to do from original game show themes and formats, to special occasions like event hosting, murder mysteries, color war “breakouts,” theater residencies, and more.

In-Person & COVID-Safe!

Available for organizations within 90 miles of NYC, our in-person performances are designed with safety as the #1 priority.

Looking for a Virtual Performance?

Engage participants of all ages with interactive games, challenges, and trivia on Zoom with The mainstages Virtual Game Show. Build community spirit with an online event perfect for schools, summer camps, religious institutions, organizations, and more!