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Performer's Residency

A sure-fire way to guarantee an impactful creative experience

The Performer’s Residency offers a custom blend of workshops, interactive sessions, performances and game shows. It ranges from 1 to 5 days long and offers programming for rotating activity periods, specialty electives, staff development, and large crowd celebrations like evening activities and family events.

A Performer’s Residency gives you the opportunity to ensure every participant has an opportunity to experience high-end arts programming targeted to your community.

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Just ONE day with mainstages can include up to FOUR of the following:

Custom Experiences

Our custom experiences are the ideal option to specifically suit a performance to a targeted event, theme, or value. Tell us your objective and we will oversee the performance design from start to finish, including original scripts, outlines, program plans, and on-site rehearsals.

Our Custom Experiences cover anything you might be looking to do from original game show themes and formats, to special occasions like event hosting, murder mysteries, color war “breakouts,” theater residencies, and more.

We're Back In-Person!

Available for organizations within 90 miles of NYC, our in-person performances are designed with safety as the #1 priority.

Looking for a Virtual Performance?

Our original, highly engaging online FUN-INARS feature a ton of creative elements. Our tech-savvy, professional hosts switch characters, share screens with super cool videos and media, and use audience member participation for hilarious results that are guaranteed to brighten your day!

We Offer a Variety of Virtual Options