Actor in Super Hero Costume high fiving audience

The Adventures of Mitzvah Man

Faster than a spinning dreidel!

Able to leap Mount Sinai in a single bound! Mitzvah Man takes participants on his travels across the world on an adventure to help others. Take a journey with the caped Jew-sader and his friends and encounter opportunities to do good deeds in a fun performance emphasizing the value in caring for humanity.

Features the PJ Storybook Estie the Mensch by Jane Kohuth.

Perform Judaism

We engage and entertain participants while exploring relevant themes in Jewish education including social action, Israel, tradition, biblical text, and Jewish identity. Perform Judaism includes interactive performances, customized game shows, and PJ Library Storybook Theater integration.

Perform Judaism is an effective way of delivering positive Jewish values while offering educational entertainment that appeals to various demographics.

In-Person & COVID-Safe!

Available for organizations within 90 miles of NYC, our in-person performances are designed with safety as the #1 priority.

Looking for a Virtual Performance?

Engage participants of all ages with interactive games, challenges, and trivia on Zoom with The mainstages Virtual Game Show. Build community spirit with an online event perfect for schools, summer camps, religious institutions, organizations, and more!