Kid with magnifying lens investigating

Detective Lingo: Active Cases

Attention gumshoes!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to correctly determine each of the following:

  1. Who committed the theft?
  2. What tool did they use to steal it?
  3. Where is the item hiding now?

Interrogate suspects and solve the case!

Mystery Shows

Just like the board game “Clue,” your audience becomes part of an interactive mystery that unravels in real-time.

Participants interrogate suspects and have the opportunity to correctly solve who committed the crime, with what weapon, and in what location. Interactive Mystery shows include both “murder mysteries” and family friendly theft-related crimes.

Format is flexible and can be implemented in rotations or as part of crowd events to accommodate both large and small audiences.

Looking for a Virtual Performance?

Engage participants of all ages with interactive games, challenges, and trivia on Zoom with The mainstages Virtual Game Show. Build community spirit with an online event perfect for schools, summer camps, religious institutions, organizations, and more!