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The Fabulous Feats of Frieda Bee

Frieda Bee is a regular girl, in a regular school, with a somewhat irregular name...

That is, until a student pokes fun of her name in class one day and Frieda seeks consolation from her bubbe, who accidentally let’s slip a giant secret that is about to change everything Frieda knew to be true.

Join Frieda on a time-traveling adventure and uncover that there is more to a name than you could ever know!

Interactive Performances

These character-driven adventures mix puppetry and storytelling with high-participation games and activities. Interactive performances are steeped in educational values and take the audience from spectator to participant with hilarious and high energy results.

Looking for a Socially Distant Performance?

Available for organizations within 90 miles of NYC, the mainstages Action Zone is designed with safety as the #1 priority.

How it Works:

  • 1 host with minimal setup time required
  • Designed for a smaller group for maximum interactivity
  • The mainstages HOT SPOTS keep everyone 6 feet apart at all times while competing

Get in on the Action Zone!

Looking for a Virtual Performance?

Our original, highly engaging online FUN-INARS feature a ton of creative elements. Our tech-savvy, professional hosts switch characters, share screens with super cool videos and media, and use audience member participation for hilarious results that are guaranteed to brighten your day!

We Offer a Variety of Virtual Options