A woman dressed as an old lady surrounded by kids in costume

Bubbe's House

Let's take a trip to Bubbe's House!

Mister Roger's Neighborhood combines with the wacky style of Peewee's Playhouse. Bubbe's House provides a live, interactive, and customizable alternative to screen time!

The show starts with a trip to 36 Chutzpah Lane, where Bubbe; the larger than life grandmother to all, teaches the audience about holidays, values, and life lessons while hosting a variety of hilarious and informative "neighbors" who reinforce different aspects of each show's subject matter. Featuring the best of mainstages interactive games, storybook theater, and fun puppetry, the audience in Bubbe's House will get to be the "live studio audience" that they've only heard about!

Bubbe's House can be performed as an individual show or in a serialized format that can be enjoyed on a routine basis. Current topics and themes include High Holidays, Chanukah, Israel, and more! Get ready for a trip to Bubbe's House- the place where you learn AND have fun!

Perform Judaism

We engage and entertain participants while exploring relevant themes in Jewish education including social action, Israel, tradition, biblical text, and Jewish identity. Perform Judaism includes interactive performances, customized game shows, and PJ Library Storybook Theater integration.

Perform Judaism is an effective way of delivering positive Jewish values while offering educational entertainment that appeals to various demographics.

We're Back In-Person!

Available for organizations within 90 miles of NYC, our in-person performances are designed with safety as the #1 priority.

Looking for a Virtual Performance?

Our original, highly engaging online FUN-INARS feature a ton of creative elements. Our tech-savvy, professional hosts switch characters, share screens with super cool videos and media, and use audience member participation for hilarious results that are guaranteed to brighten your day!

We Offer a Variety of Virtual Options