Featured Game: Statues


Skill Level: Beginner
Unit: Big Movement
Active Participants: All
Materials: An open space
Values: Creativity


Participants practice self control and strategy.


  1. The facilitator sets the stage that they are the "night watchman" at a museum and the participants are statues. Every time that the night watchman turns around (away from the participants) the participants can move.
  2. Once the night watchmen looks back towards the participants, they must freeze without getting caught moving.
  3. The night watchman calls out a theme for the museum (for instance, dinosaurs) and the participants freeze and move like that theme as the watchman tours the museum.


  • The point of this game is not to catch the kids, but to keep them moving and freezing in interesting ways.
  • Institute a rule where statues are not allowed to touch the night watchman.
  • Sample Museums: Zoo Animals. Rock Stars. Sea Creatures. Space. Egyptian Artifacts.

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