Featured Game: Name and Motion

Name and Motion

Skill Level: Beginner
Unit: Icbreakers
Active Participants: All
Materials: An open space
Values: Community


Participants create a sound and a motion that goes along with their name.


  1. Participants stand in a circle.
  2. The facilitator starts by setting the game. "History shows that motions help us learn names; we're going to make a wacky motion for each name and pass it around the circle."
  3. Facilitator then demonstrates with a motion attached to his/her name and passes the name with the motion clockwise around the circle.
  4. Each participant repeats the name and motion as it travels round the circle, attempting to mimic the original person perfectly.
  5. After all the participants have gone, ask a volunteer to stand in the middle and see if they can remember everyone's name and motion.


  • This game can also be played with the entire group repeating the name and motion immediately after each participant rather than passing it around the circle.
  • Older participants should be able to choose an adjective before the name, for instance, "Mighty Matt" while making a muscle.
  • Encourage exact replication of the motion and voice of the original participant.
  • Encourage creativity- the voice and motion can be anything.

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