Tips for Memorizing Lines

Need help memorizing lines?

Here are a few suggestions for getting off-book (not needing the script) in no time!

  • Make sure that you understand all of your lines. If a line doesn't make sense to you, it will be harder to memorize.
  • When you begin memorizing your lines use the "Rule of Ten." Say the cue line (the line of dialogue before yours) and your line ten times before moving on to your next line. You can also write your lines 10 times on a lined sheet of paper.
  • Make index cards with part of your cue line on the front and your line(s) on the back. Read the cue line aloud and try to remember your line on the back of the card.
  • Make Post-Its with each of your cue-lines on them and post them all over your house. Bedroom, bathroom, living room, play room, EVERYWHERE! When you see the Post-It say your line that follows.
  • Use a recording device. Record all of your cue lines and lines in order. After listening to them a few times, play it back and pause after each cue line to test yourself. Press play to check your accuracy and listen to the next cue line.
  • Ask a parent, guardian, friend or sibling to run lines (practice the dialogue) with you. Take a section of the script and try to run through it 5 times without skipping or messing up a line. Do it until you can repeat it 5 times in a row! If you mess up at any point, start back at one.
  • Try the "Booty Method!" Sit on your script and say your lines to yourself. This helps you fight the temptation of looking at the script every two seconds. When you search and work your brain hard enough it will start making connections to lines that you've previously missed.
  • Study your lines before bed! While you sleep, your brain is working hard organizing and storing information. Your brain will have uninterrupted time to take in and keep your lines for when you need them next. Even though your brain will do a lot of work for you, be sure to review them in the morning!
  • Make a schedule for yourself. "I will have 5 pages of script memorized this week, and the next 10 pages memorized next week...etc."

Have confidence and be positive. When you get stuck or frustrated, take a deep breath and remind yourself that the line is within you and you CAN remember it!