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Programming For Camps

Bring mainstages to Your Virtual Camp

How can mainstages virtual offerings work for your camp?

  • Our virtual offerings can work like activity periods or clubs, designed for repeat participation, or as larger camp-wide performances ideal for individual events and a larger number of participants.
  • Our wide range of content options and flexible format make us suitable for camps of all ages and sizes.

Innovative Content

Engaging kids virtually requires constant action from high energy hosts. Our winning formula relies on seamlessly transitioning between many different segments to keep your audience’s attention.

Just one session with mainstages can include any or ALL of the following:

  • Characters, Puppets, & Storybook Theater
  • Game Shows & Trivia
  • Improv Games & Comedy Skits
  • Physical Challenges & Large Group Movement Games
  • Music & Guitar Song leading
  • Broadway Musical & Choreography Reviews
  • Creative Jewish Programming
  • & more!

A Flexible Format

We design each experience to fit your camp's needs. As masters of improvisation, we customize each session using a format flexible enough to make your camp stand out.

How we meet your needs:

  • Sessions can stand on their own as a single event or be designed at part of a recurring program.
  • Segments can be easily swapped out, allowing us to suit a wide age range and a varied number of participants.
  • Subject matter and incorporated themes are hand-picked and shared in advance of the summer.
  • We can control all aspects of Zoom for you or work within your accounts to provide relevant information and ensure safety, security, and comfort for all participants.

Virtual Camp Programs

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Building Community in Your Virtual Camp

Virtual Camp Programs allow participants to get to know one another and their host. Campers have the opportunity to form bonds and feel safe to explore their creativity. With individualized attention for each participant, virtual camp programs are a great option for community building amongst campers.

Each program slot that you reserve includes 2 Hosts, up to 25 participants, and up to 60 minutes of programming.

Virtual Camp Performances

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Bringing the FUN to Virtual Camp

When you're looking for something big to impress the entire camp, the excitement and energy of a Virtual Performance reaches campers through the screen. Our tech-savvy hosts utilize the functionality of ZOOM to allow participants to influence the show from home. Group games, larger-than-life characters, and incorporation of your camp's values are just some of the elements you can customize within your virtual performance.

Camp performances are ideal for individual events and include 2 Hosts, 1 Producer, up to 100 participants, up to 60 minutes of custom entertainment, and cross-promotion on social media. Camps looking for less than a 4-week minimum should follow this pricing.

Find out more about what virtual camp might look like!

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