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A new way to have fun online - host your next private virtual event with mainstages!

Here are some of the perks:

  • Perfect for extended families and friend groups
  • Entertains a large age range
  • Custom-tailored games and trivia based on your interests
  • Our tech-savvy, professional hosts keep everyone entertained
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Custom Game Night

Fun for the whole family! Hosted by our tech-savvy, professional hosts, mainstages’ Game Nights include a mix of creative challenges, trivia questions, and active games that will get everyone up and moving around. With a flexible format that is highly customizable to each community and a wide array of games geared to entertain a large age range, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

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Custom Trivia Night

Perfect for a group that is more interested in a battle of wits, our virtual trivia nights connect people far and wide via common interests. Our resident trivia expert can come up with questions relating to a specific theme of your choosing or include a variety of categories based on your responses to our customization questionnaire. From Harry Potter trivia night to All Things '80s, we've got you covered!

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Golden Years Game Night

Do you remember the moment you got your first color TV? Do you look forward to the daily Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy back-to-back?

Join us for a Golden Years Game Night, an hour of fun and games specifically geared for the 55+ community! Compete in rounds of trivia, name that tune, and other games uniquely customized to you. At a time when in-person connection is harder to come by, the mainstages Golden Years Game Night is a perfect opportunity to socialize and bond virtually.

Whether you want to bring this event to an organization or host a private event for a beloved family member's birthday, contact us now to talk about how we can customize a special session for you!

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