About Us

About Us

What is mainstages?

mainstages in an educational theater company for children. Wherever there is an opportunity to foster creativity, performance, and talent in kids, we're there. Here is a brief overview of all we do:

Virtual- Let mainstages entertain your community - ONLINE!

In these ever-changing times, society is full of people forced to stay at home, desperately in need of social interaction, a way to engage kids, and a LAUGH! As a theater and entertainment company that has a network of talented Performers nationwide, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the FUN social experiences that so many people need right now. Our performers are equipped with engaging personalities and the skills to command people’s attention and engage them in virtual fun. By creating interactive, virtual experiences, we are giving people the ability to feel socially connected with others at a time when they need it more than ever.

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Performances- Adult Performers traveling across America performing FOR children.

We have over 30 different shows including interactive performances for youngsters, game shows for large crowds, mystery shows (which are like a real-life game of Clue), Jewish shows, and just about every custom experience that you can think of (we even perform in French!) Performances are intended for Business to Business use. You give us the kids and space to perform and we take care of the rest!

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Programming- Adult Teaching Artists producing and directing shows in which CHILDREN perform.

We run theater programs and produce shows at sleep-away and day camps across the nation during the summer. Throughout the year we implement afterschool programs in the NYS tri-state area. We provide all the tools for theater productions with kids including dynamic scripts, costumes, backdrops, giveaways and ongoing support to ensure success. Programming is also Business to Business. We are an approved vendor with NYS Board of Ed, Nassau BOCES, and an American Camp Association Business Affiliate.

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Families- Opportunities for parents and children to engage directly with mainstages.

Our fast expanding array of birthday party options, Bar/Bat Mitzvah entertainment, community shows, and mainstages theater camp, allow us to offer exciting theatrical experiences directly to the consumer.

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Core Values

At mainstages, the following educational principles drive our work:


We transport kids to different worlds to unleash creative potential. We covet the imagination, using the stage to enable children to grow and explore parts of themselves they never thought possible. Our curriculum incorporates a full education of the five senses as a means to give children the time, tools, and lessons to travel the full realm of their imagination.


Children are often encouraged to think inside the box. They are wired to follow the leader and are often told to follow social norms when discovering what to be in the world. The truth is that everyone is different. We accept and embraces this difference, challenging children to avoid generalizations, exceed expectations, and to lead others.

Recognizing control of the voice, body, and personality are key tools in developing a character and helping children thrive on the qualities that make them unique.


We offer a place to challenge fears, providing opportunities for children to stand up in front of an audience and step outside of their comfort zones. Whether performing a monologue or singing a duet, we aim to provide more chances for children to push the envelope of which they think they are capable. By allowing more opportunities to shine, children expand their willingness to take risks and grow as individuals, increasing confidence.


We ensure that children are focusing on the bigger picture, strengthening communication and teamwork. No theatrical production is possible without the collaboration and joint vision of a community working towards the same goal. We emphasize the importance of the ensemble, using the stage as an outlet for partnership and cooperation. This lesson can be applied in any setting, where creating a welcoming, warm environment requires the hands of many.