Welcome to the mainstages team!

This staff portal will provide you with practical tools, materials, and tips that will enable you to run the best possible afterschool programs this school year.

Important Dates

Fall 2022 - Teaching Artist Checkin! (ZOOM)

This checkin is for any Teaching Artist or Theater Director staffed on a recurring weekly program. All who attend will be paid the hourly admin rate of $15.00.

Date: Monday, November 7th

Time: 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM EDT


Site Reports

After every session, we ask you to complete a site report which is our most essential form of communication. The site report not only helps us understand what you might need and how we can support you, but also serves as your time card. You will only be paid on the next pay period if you complete the site report.

Here are some of the important pieces of information to include:

  • Your overall experience.
  • The participant's and client's overall experience from your perspective.
  • What activities worked well, including highlights from the session.
  • What challenges you encountered, including programming concerns, behavioral issues, client issues, and venue considerations.
  • Uploaded photos taken during the session as well as submit pre-approved receipts for reimbursement.

We have made this form available online; please bookmark it so that you can return to it after any mainstages gig.

Staff Resources

The Afterschool 22'-23' Google Drive contains support materials needed for all mainstages programming including...

  • mainstages Theater Curriculum
  • Program Guides and Outlines
  • Facilitation Tips
  • Inclusive Language Guide
  • Culturally Responsive Guide
  • Thematic Worksheets and Coloring Pages
  • Games with Miles!
  • and MORE!!!

Check out the following links with more helpful information for your year ahead!

Tips from past Staff!

"Remain calm and flexible! Remember that being at camp is all about FUN. I like to remember in moments like this, that if I can make sure the campers have an awesome day, it doesn't matter if other things turned upside down. Always have some games in your back pocket for transitions, timing issues, and schedule changes. Even better if you can determine what some of their favorite games are -- if you're playing a fun game and you're keeping your positive energy up, the campers may not even notice that anything went wrong!" - Jessica Pomeroy (Day Camps at the JCC Stamford)

"I love making music a part of every activity session, whether we're making music ourselves in song or dance, or doing other activities while playing my huge showtune playlist I've been building especially for my campers! For younger groups it's also sometimes motivating to make a routine into a song, or cued by a song (cleaning up, entering, saying goodbye). Any excuse to make the session musical is a good one!" - Gabriella Giocomo (Camp GUCI)

"My top tip for creating an effective and engaging session is to have a fun either set word/phrase/sound that brings the students' attention back to you. I am currently teaching an improv class at an elementary school and my go-to is saying "ATTEEEEENTION!" and they all salute :) It's very goofy but they always hear it and they always know what to do." - Jordan Cohen (JCC Westside Day Camp)

"Shake it up! I have found that the best way to keep kids engaged is to move between different types of activities throughout the course of the lesson, that engage the kids in different ways. If they start standing up, have them sit down for the next activity! After you read through the show, it's time to learn some choreography afterward! In my experience, having kids use their minds and bodies in different ways helps keep them focused and energized." - Jessica Pomeroy (Day Camps @ The J Stamford)

"A great way to keep the activity engaging is to scaffold! Make sure that all of the pieces are leading to something in the end. If there is some form of structure, while also leaving some room for spontaneity, then campers will be able to understand the material and enjoy the theatrical process!" - Dean Marino (Eisner Camps)

"My top tip for creating an effective, engaging session is to be honest with the campers and yourself. Giving your 110% will look different based on what level the campers are at that day and what level you are at, so read the room and go from there. But also keep in mind that using different character voices can grab the kids attention and take their energy from a 50% to an 85%, at least this is what I have seen in my own personal experience!" - Kara Joy Fish (Mid Island Y Camp)

"Bringing the fun to the every day is all about attitude. You can make or break a camp day easily by choosing to approach it with a positive attitude or not to. In my experience, lots of smiles, finding time for short games during down time, and keeping every interaction positive and encouraging to campers is what keeps every single moment fun." - Jessica Pomeroy (Day Camps @ The Stamford JCC)