workshop programs

Workshop Programs

Build Your Character!

As our most flexible after school theater option, Workshop Programs are skills-building programs...

...designed so that each session stands on its own. This allows for flexible attendance and varying numbers of participants weekly. Workshops emphasize the core values of theater, using creativity and community building to foster life skills that participants will take with them long after the program.

We offer four different Workshop Programs to choose from:

Fairy Tales Around The World!

Ideal for younger participants and literacy programs.

Weekly lessons will explore diverse cultures' fairy tales and folklore to teach relevant themes in a creative, fun, and interactive environment. Participants will engage in improv, movement, and music activities which nurtures imagination and empathy through the world of storytelling.
Fairy tales include: The 3 Brithers and the Golden Apple (Bulgaria), Bunnuku Chagama (Japan), and The Legend of Coqui (Puerto Rico).

Grades K - 2

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Theater Lab!

Weekly thematic lessons that foster creativity, connection, and celebrate diversity through inclusive activities!
Participants will engage in improv, movement, music, and critical thinking-based activities that spark the imagination, build character and develop specific theater fundamental skills each session. All activities and theater games are specifically designed to fit the needs of each grade level.

Weekly themes include: Cartoons, Justice, Dino Adventures, Gratitude, Advocacy & "All About You!"

Grade 3 - 12

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Challenge Accepted!

A BRAND NEW pilot program for middle school students.

Middle schoolers like to be challenged and have ownership in the type of programming they participate in. Enter Challenge Accepted, where participants are presented with a different challenge each session and use devised theater techniques to come up with inventive solutions. Participants stretch the limits of their potential through a series of improv games, movement exercises and scene work. In Challenge Accepted, there are no wrong answers, just inventive solutions to life’s challenges!

Grades 6-8

For Us, By Us

For Us, By Us is a devised theater program specifically showcasing High Schoolers unique skill sets and personal identities. Participants work collectively in groups to devise and produce their very own theatrical showcase. Participants will develop their artistic lens through exercises that emphasize holistic thought, empathy, critiquing and implementation. These exercises will culminate in a show written, directed, and produced by the participants. Each showcase is unique to their community, so no two showcases are the same! 

Grade 9-12

I haven't gotten anything but compliments about the mainstages programs we've run at our school. The instructors are tremendously engaging as well as utterly reliable and professional. And, most importantly, the kids have a blast!

- Allyson Weseley , Sea Cliff Elementary School