Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development Workshops

2018 Professional Development Series

The Professional Development Workshop Series is a free resource of mainstages and is designed to provide important teaching tips, fundamental facilitation techniques, and professional support while growing and strengthening a network of creative educational instructors and teaching artists. 

Learn Hands-On!

Our Workshops are interactive! We model the techniques we teach and we strive to offer creative, practical tools for making ordinary moments into meaningful opportunities for experiential education. Led by experienced youth educators, you'll learn techniques that you can apply and adapt into work with participants of all ages.  You should come to a workshop prepared to share your own unique viewpoints and participate (and sometimes lead) games and activities!

The types of people who attend our workshops are diverse and include the following:

  • Performers and Theater Directors looking to hone their craft or segue into new audiences.
  • Teachers and General Educators seeking dynamic ways to engage their classroom.
  • Camp Staff and Supervisors seeking outside the box processes and refreshers on idealogy.

Upcoming Workshops

Entertaining Young Children

Date: Tuesday March 27, 2018
Location: Y of Washington Heights, 54 Nagle Ave, New York, NY 10040
Time: 5pm-7pm
Session Description:  Through imaginative play, creating larger than life characters, and exploring  imagination, participants will learn practical tools for engaging young audiences (Pre-k to 5).  Storytelling, puppetry and simple (yet effective) activities are at the center of this workshop in which the goal is for participants to better connect with and facilitate lessons for the youngest of learners.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Participants will learn activities and lessons that are designed specifically for students in grades Pre-k to 5.
  • Participants will explore the benefits and uses for ‘Imaginative Play.’
  • Participants will understand the physical and cognitive growth of this age range.

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