Jobs Available Now

Jobs Available Now

Stake your claim on one of these amazing jobs!  All jobs feature competitive salary and other perks!  If you don't see your perfect job below, apply anyway!  New positions rotate frequently and we can get you in the mix for future opportunities! 

Camp Positions

Below are the specific positions we are currently hiring. If you are planning to apply to a day camp, please note the travel information provided.

Theater Director at Mid Island Day Camp at HKC Campgrounds
Traditional Day Camp in Nassau County, Long Island

A traditional day camp located in a beautiful area of Long Island with a great reputation. The theater director has two key responsibilities: leading activity periods for all age groups on rotation throughout the day and running rehearsals for a production of Wizard of Oz during an elective club period for kids who are more interested in theater. This camp has many different activities set to steal the spotlight, so we are looking for the right person to come in and take ownership to make sure that things get done!

Dates: June 27- August 22, Monday through Friday
Pay is approximately $100 a day.
Applicants must be able to self-report to camp.

For more information on the requirements and criterias of summer camp positions, click here.

We are always looking for year-round teaching artists. Click here for more details!

We are also looking for part-time performers in the NYC/Tri-state area for this summer!  Click here for more on those positions!  

“If you have a unique talent we want to hear from you! ”

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Have a special skill to add to the mix? New opportunities are popping up all the time and we could spotlight your application to camp partners with applicable positions. Tell us what you're looking for and we can refer you when a relevant camp contacts us!

Do you know someone who would be perfect for a position at mainstages? Forward this webpage to them and have them list you as a referral. If they are placed, YOU get $50…whether you work for mainstages or not!

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