Jobs Available Now

Jobs Available Now

Stake your claim on one of these amazing jobs!  All jobs feature competitive salary and other perks!  If you don't see your perfect job below, apply anyway!  New positions rotate frequently and we can get you in the mix for future opportunities! 

Camp Positions

Below are the specific positions we are currently hiring. Reference codes are in parenthesis after the specific position name. If you are planning to apply to a day camp, please note the travel information provided.

Theater Director at Mid-Island Day Camp at HKC Campgrounds
Traditional Day Camp in Nassau County, Long Island

A large traditional camp located in a beautiful area of Long Island with a great reputation and lots of kids! The theater director for the “traditional camp” has two key responsibilities: leading activity periods for all age groups on rotation throughout the day and running production rehearsals during an elective club period for kids who are more interested in theater. This camp has many different activities set to steal the spotlight, so we are looking for the right person to come in and take ownership to make sure that things get done!

Dates: June 27- August 22
Compensation: $3500 (stipend for the summer)
Transportation provided from Astoria, NY; ideal candidates are able to arrange their own daily transportation to and from camp.

Theater Specialist at Commonpoint Queens Camp at HKC Campgrounds
Traditional Day Camp in Nassau County, Long Island

Dates: June 27- August 16
Compensation: $2500 (stipend for the summer)
Transportation is provided from Commonpoint Queens Center in Little Neck.

Theater Director at JCC Stamford
Specialty Day Camp in Stamford, CT

Day Camps at JCC Stamford offers specialty camps including theater specialty camps. The program is the first half of the day, running from about 8:30am-12:30PM. The Director then has a short break and teaches 2-3 general activity periods on rotation until about 3pm. The program is 4 weeks in duration, and culminated in a performance at the end of the summer. The space is an air-conditioned auditorium with JCC looking to invest in the space. This is a new partnership for mainstages, which offers the opportunity for growth.

Dates: June 24- July 19
Compensation: $650 per week
Ideal candidates are able to arrange their own daily transportation to and from camp.

Theater Director at Camp GUCI
Traditional Sleepaway Camp near Indianapolis, IN

This well-established camp located in the Midwest which pulls kids from across the nation. It is part of a sucessful network of camps, which are leaders in developing worthwhile, impactful communities to engage both campers and staff alike. mainstages has worked with this camp or years, with mainstages providing a theater director who directs two shows throughout the course of the summer and has other supervisory responsibilities including helping to plan specialty days and other camp-wide creative events.

Dates: June 2- August 6
Summer Stipend: $3500
Nationwide applicants welcome with travel assistance and lodging provided.

Theater Counselor at Camp Mountain Chai
Traditional Sleepaway Camp near San Bernardino, CA

This beautiful, scenic traditional camp offering a wide variety of activities, of which theater is a growing component. The theater program here has two tracks: activity periods where campers rotate through based on a weekly schedule, and a specialty club where participants work toward a production that is performed twice throughout the summer. This camp operates using two 4-week sessions, so staff would be able to meet and work with two different sets of kids during the two different sessions. This is a rustic setting, ideal for someone who has a love for the great outdoors. The camp staff is supportive camp and previous staff have always been happy with their experience.

Dates: June 2- August 8
Compensation: $2200 (stipened for the summer)
Nationwide applicants welcome with travel assistance and lodging provided.

Visual Arts Specialist at Twelve Trails
Specialty Day Camp in Rockland County, NY

This day camp is located just north of Manhattan with bussing provided from the upper east and upper West side. It is uniquely modeled in that they split their program areas into what are called neighborhoods. For the last five years, mainstages has run all aspects of the arts neighborhood including theater, dance, photography, graffiti, and pretty much any other cool idea that you might be able to bring to the table. It’s a camp that has consistency in leadership and a high staff return rate. It’s one of the cornerstones camps in our network.

Dates: June 27- August 16
Compensation: varies depending on skill
Transportation provided from north of 96th street in Manhattan.

Theater Assistant Director at JCC Northern Virginia
Specialty Day Camp in Fairfax, VA (DC area) 

This camp has been running a specialty theater camp for the last few years and is partnering with mainstages for the first time in summer 2019 in the hopes of creating a more efficient and visible theater program. Kids who register for this specialty theater camp are committing to participate in the program for the entire duration of the summer- eight weeks. There are typically 15 participants enrolled in the program, and they participate in a comedy performance at the end of the summer. The theater director works with one or two other supplementary staff provided by mainstages as well as a couple CIT’s/counselors to assist with day-to-day.

Dates: June 24- August 16
Compensation: varies depending on skill
Ideal candidates are able to arrange their own daily transportation to and from camp.

Theater Specialist at JCC Greater Washington
Traditional Day Camp in Rockville, MD (DC area)

Located in Rockville, Maryland, this traditional camp serves a huge amount of campers during the summer. The theater specialty camp offered in partnership with mainstages is a successful subsect of the overall camp in which approximately 30 campers have signed up to stay with mainstages throughout the camp day, while still participating in camp activities such as swim and specialty events. The performance space is state of the art, allowing for some incredible production elements. Mainstages provides approximately 2 to 3 theater staff members for this camp, ideally with skill sets that offset each other in unique and interesting ways.

Dates: June 17- August 9
Compensation: varies depending on skill
Ideal candidates are able to arrange their own daily transportation to and from camp.

For more information on the requirements and criterias of summer camp positions, click here.

We are always looking for year-round teaching artists. Click here for more details!

We are also looking for part-time performers in the NYC/Tri-state area for this summer!  Click here for more on those positions!  

“If you have a unique talent we want to hear from you! ”

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