Jobs Available Now

Jobs Available Now

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Seeking Day and Sleepaway Camp Theater Specialists and Directors

Teach Theater in the Great Outdoors!

We're currently seeking theater staff to work at stunning camps across the US and Canada this coming summer.

Currently available positions range from entry-level to highly experienced at both day and sleepaway camps. Camp contracts are typically 8 weeks in length (June –August). Day camp positions require local applicants with access to a vehicle or proximity to reliable public transportation to the location. Sleepaway camps include room/board for the duration of the contract, which allows us to place candidates from locations nationwide.

Ideal candidates have experience in theater education and/or children’s theater and are enthusiastic, extremely adaptable, and familiar with the camp setting. In addition to theater, camps are also seeking specialty positions, such as music, dance, and art specialists.

With the guidance and resources provided by mainstages, you will feel supported and empowered along the way. This is the perfect summer job for the right applicant. If you are a college student studying theater or a recent college grad, we’d love to hear from you!

CS 1: Theater Director at Day Camp in Long Island, NY

This large traditional camp in a beautiful area of Long Island has a great reputation and a thriving community of committed kids! The theater director for the “traditional camp” has two key responsibilities: leading activity periods for all age groups on rotation throughout the day and running production rehearsals during an elective club period for kids who are more interested in theater. This camp has many different activities set to steal the spotlight, so we are looking for the right person to come in and take ownership to make sure that things get done!

Dates: June 29- August 21, M-F (approximately 8:30- 3:30 pm)

Salary: $3500

CS 2: Theater Director at Day Camp in Stamford, CT

This 3-week theater specialty camp offers a supportive environment where all are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination. Campers experience all aspects of theater production, from choreography to set and costume design. Mornings are spent creating zany characters, learning dance moves, singing, and playing theater games, and all the fun and learning leads up to performing a show for the entire day camp community!

July 20- August 7 (M-F), 8:30- 3:30 pm

Salary: $600-700 per week

CS 4-5: Music (CS 4) and Dance (CS 5) Specialists at Day Camp in Orangeburg, NY

This day camp located just north of Manhattan boasts a unique model in that they split their program areas into “neighborhoods,” which kids can sign up to be in for a given week. For the last five years, mainstages has run all aspects of the CREATE neighborhood, including theater, dance, photography, graffiti, and pretty much any other cool idea that a staff member can bring to the table. The camp has consistent leadership and a high staff return rate, and it offers bus transportation from upper east and west sides of Manhattan.

Dates: June 29- August 20, M-F (9 am- 4 pm)

Salary: $3500

CS 6: Music Specialist/Accompanist at Day Camp in Fairfax, VA

This specialty camp has been running for the past few years and partnered with mainstages last year for the first time. Kids can choose to register for one or both of the two 4-week session. Each session ends in a musical performance. There are typically 15 participants enrolled per session. In addition to the creative team (theater director, musical accompanist, dance teacher), there are a couple of counselors to assist with day-to-day.

Dates: June 22- August 14, M-F (9 am- 4 pm)

Salary: $2500

CS 8: Theater Director Day Camp in Westchester, NY

This Westchester day camp offers New York City kids room to grow, explore, and discover through a variety of different camp activities. The drama specialist will work with children ages 4-12 years old, leading activity periods for all age groups on rotation throughout the day. This camp has many different activities set to steal the spotlight, so we are looking for the right person to come in and take ownership to make sure that things get done!

Dates: June 29- August 21, M/T/Th (8:30 am- 3:30 pm)

Salary: $2500

CS 10: Theater Specialist at Sleepaway Camp in Mississippi

This well-established Jewish camp located in the south pulls kids from across the nation. It is part of a network of camps called URJ, whose goal is to develop a worthwhile, impactful communities that engage both campers and staff alike. As such, it has a unique culture with strong sense of community and a growing interest in theater.

Dates: June 7- July 29

Salary: $2500

CS 11: Theater Specialist at Sleepaway Camp in Morganstown, WV

This beautiful camp set on a lake boosts high-end facilities and programming, as well as an incredible culture built on many returning campers and staff. The camp is supportive and flexible as to program objectives and what types of shows are done, which gives a lot of autonomy to the person leading the program. In addition to leading rotating theater activity periods and specialty club musical rehearsal sessions, staff members will be asked to participate actively in general elements of the camp from color war to field trips and more.

Dates: June 28- August 11

Salary: $3500

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