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mainstages Presents...The Double Act!

What is The Double Act?

The Double Act is a hybrid production program designed to start virtually, transition to small safe in-person rehearsals, and end with a live onstage performance! Developed to be flexible according to social distancing guidelines as they evolve, the program also seeks to give your child the optimal combination of spotlight stage time, individual instructor attention, and community FUN!

What’s the Show?

Lights On Broadway is a musical theater showcase featuring small group performances of songs and scenes from your favorite Broadway shows. Participants will be featured in at least 1 song and 2 scenes with their fellow rehearsal group members. The performance will hopefully be performed on stage for a live audience; should this not be possible, we can pivot to one of our other performance options, such as a virtual or in-person filmed recording, to accommodate your community’s specific guidelines.

How does it Work?

Small-Group Virtual Rehearsals and Full-Cast Community Time

Following virtual auditions, participants are assigned to small rehearsal groups, which rehearse once a week for 1 hour. Each rehearsal group is comprised of 8-10 participants and rehearses a combination of songs and short scenes, cast so that every ensemble member has at least one shining moment.

To keep the sense of a full cast community, members from all small groups also join a half-hour virtual community time once a week, to play theater games together and learn new skills.

In-Person Rehearsals and an Onstage Performance!

Conditions permitting, rehearsals will transition from virtual to in-person 7-10 weeks into the program (depending on your community and the length of the program). The small groups will rehearse for 1-hour blocks with their directors onstage together, gearing up for the performance. Each small group will then perform their scenes and songs back-to-back with other groups, in the style of a musical showcase.

Why It Works

Working in small groups gives participants more one-on-one attention and coaching from their instructor, as well as a greater chance to shine in featured roles! Additionally, the program’s built-in flexibility guarantees your community a great show, regardless of the current social distancing guidelines. From day one to the final production, your participants will have an amazing theater experience!

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