Featured Game: What are You Doing?

Featured Game: What are You Doing?

What are You Doing?

Skill Level: Beginner
Unit: Improvisation
Active Participants: All
Materials: An open space
Values: Creativity, Confidence


Participants pantomime one activity, but describe another.


  1. Participants form a line.
  2. The first participant steps toward center stage and starts with an activity supplied by the facilitator, such as chopping wood.
  3. Next participant in the line asks the wood-chopping participant, "What are you doing?" The wood-chopping participant must say an activity that is different from the actual one they are doing (this participant can say anything as long as it's not "chopping wood").
  4. This process continues down the line with every participant asking, "What are you doing?" and the next participant performing the suggested action.


  • Suggested Activities: Flossing after eating popcorn. Cleaning the windows of the Empire State Building. Changing a baby's dirty diaper. Watching America's Got Talent. Hailing a taxi in a thunderstorm. Putting the sheets on a water bed.
  • Encourage participants to use creative/wacky activities. The more complex, the better!
  • For advanced game play, institute an "out" system where repeating a previous activity or delaying too long results in outs.
  • Allow participants to use their turns to work on memory and pantomime.

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