Featured Game: Here to There

Featured Game: Here to There

What are You Doing?

Skill Level: Beginner
Unit: Big Movement
Active Participants: All
Materials: An open space
Values: Creativity, Confidence


Participants use their bodies to move through different atmospheres.


  1. Participants line up at one end of the space.
  2. Participants will be told they will be given different imaginary atmospheres, substances, or scenarios to walk through.
  3. Once the prompt is given, the participant at the front of the line will begin to walk from one end of the space to the other, exploring how they would walk and how their body would change if they were really walking through that atmosphere.


  • Facilitators should ensure movements are safe and participants are being considerate of others.
  • Crawling/rolling on the floor is prohibited.
  • Sample Prompts: Jello. Melted Marshmallow. Zero Gravity. A very dense tropical forest. Hot coals. Quick Sand. Pillows. Full of mice/snakes. Your feet weigh a hundred pounds each. You are very late for a very important meeting. 

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