Featured Game: Freeze

Featured Game: Freeze


Skill Level: Intermediate
Unit: Improvisation
Active Participants: 2-4
Materials: An open space
Values: Creativity, Confidence


Participants quickly establish place, characters, and relationships in short scenes.


  1. Two actors start an improvised scene with a clearly established setting, relationship, and character.
  2. After the scene has developed, another participant in audience position will call "freeze," in which case both participants freeze in place. The participant calling out then tags out the participant who has been onstage longest, and takes their place.
  3. The entering participant then must start an entirely different scene with a new setting, relationship, and character while justifying the same position the previous participant was in when they froze.


  • Let the scene develop before calling "Freeze."
  • Encourage participants to precisely replicate the position.
  • Use levels. Get low to the ground and jump into the air.
  • For younger participants, leader may have to call "freeze" and introduce relationships/setting/character accordingly.

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