Celebrate the Jewish New Year with a socially distant twist!

Play the mainstages High Holidays Game Show! With games including Name that Shofar Tune, Atone Off, and the YOUlav Shakedown. Action Zone: High Holidays is available for organizations within 90 miles of NYC and is designed with safety as the #1 priority.

How it Works:

  • 1 host with minimal setup time required
  • Designed for a smaller group for maximum interactivity
  • The mainstages HOT SPOTS keep everyone 6 feet apart at all times while competing

What to Expect:

  • Small group games featuring one team at a time
  • "All-Play" Rounds where everyone gets to play from the safety of their HOT SPOT
  • Pre-packaged props that your participants will get to keep!
  • MAXIMUM physical activity to allow for a change of pace from all the virtual events of the past 6 months!

Get in on the Action Zone: High Holidays!

Are you planning a larger High Holidays event?

Tell us your safety parameters and we will come up with a plan that works for your community!

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Looking for a Virtual High Holidays Performance?

Our virtual FUN-inars are a great way for kids to stay occupied while the adults in your community observe a virtual service. You can also offer them during your regularly scheduled Hebrew School classes for an interactive way to teach Jewish values, or make a family event out of it for the entire community!

bubbe character online

Bubbe's House for the High Holidays!

For kids in Pre-K through 1st Grade

Take a trip in the imagination mobile to Bubbe's House! Kids will get their bodies moving, meet Bubbe and her puppet friend Dave, and learn about Jewish values and traditions.

excited kids on zoom class

mainstages: LIVE for the High Holidays!

For kids 2nd Grade and up

Compete in themed games and rounds of trivia that will keep kids engaged and having fun while they explore their connection to what the High Holidays mean to them.

families celebrate playing games on zoom

The High Holidays Game Night!

For all ages

Get everyone in on the fun with a high holidays themed game night that will keep a large age range entertained and engaged in friendly competition.

Want to see a High Holidays Virtual FUN-inar in Action?