The Long Walk to School: An MLK Journey

The Long Walk to School: An MLK Journey

A heartwarming and interactive journey that reflects the values and beliefs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Little Marty Jr. wakes up on the first day back to school after having a dream that his new glasses will make him the subject of ridicule.

On his long walk to school, Marty meets influential characters who help him appreciate the qualities that make him different. 

Recommended audiences:

  • ages: Grades K-2, Grades 3-6
  • size: from 1 to 150

Interactive Performances

These character-driven adventures mix puppetry and storytelling with high-participation games and activities. Interactive performances are steeped in educational values and take the audience from spectator to participant with hilarious and high energy results.

A performance with mainstages is easy!

Simply give us a power outlet and space to perform and we take care of the rest.

We provide:

  • All lead performers/hosts.
  • Live sound with wireless mics and music.
  • Visual displays including backdrops and media screen.
  • Pre-performance communications and planning.
  • Adaptation of performances to suit your objectives.

Interactive performances are approximately 45 minutes and game shows are an hour. 

Make it a performance series! 

Book multiple shows and receive, at no additional cost, the following:

  • Targeted marketing at performances to increase future attendance.
  • Giveaways and add-ons to enhance performance objectives.
  • Increased knowledge of community to adapt performances for success. 
  • Reduced rates and exclusive access to new products and services. 

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