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Performances FAQs

What are the suggested age ranges and number of participants for a performance?

An Interactive Performance is ideal at 150 participants or less with most participants typically between Grades Pre-K to 2. A game show serves a wider age range with no suggested cap on the number of participants. That said, our goal is to integrate as many participants from the audience into our shows as possible, so the smaller the group, the better the experience.

What is your setup like?

We pride ourselves on being low maintenance. All we ask from you is a working power outlet and an open space to perform. Take a look at our game show setup diagram to see an ideal room size and setup. We are super flexible and can setup in a huge variety of ways, but an ideal setup is one where we are on the same level as the participants, with them sitting on the floor. This makes participation seamless.

Download Game Show Setup Diagram

Do you perform outside?

Yes, we perform outdoors…but a heads up that we can be very finicky and protective of our equipment and performers. We check weather forecasts frequently, and if there is risk of rain or excessive heat, we will need to perform indoors or under a shelter to ensure the safety of the equipment, our performers, and your audience. Outdoor shows may also require a modified setup. Make sure to let us know in advance if an outdoor venue is the only option for you, so we can discuss a back-up plan, just to be safe.

How do you split teams for a game show?

A game show is typically made up of two teams, unless otherwise requested. We request your group be split into teams with similarly mixed ages and co-ed groupings on both teams. We can do this ourselves prior to starting the game show with advance notice, but if you have a simple way of dividing the participants before the show, it will help us get right to playing!

Do adults participate?

Absolutely! Our shows are designed to not only be awesome for the kids, but exciting and engaging for adults as well. Interactive performances have hidden jokes that provide an extra layer to entertainment that keep families and staff on their feet! At game shows, adults will be asked to serve as captains, helping select participants and get in on the spirit by playing specialty trivia and challenge rounds.

How do I choose my performance?

Our handy dandy performance wizard is a great resource for getting a sense of what performances would best match your event. Simply select the anticipated ages, # of kids, and the themes or holidays that interest you, and you will automatically be recommended shows that best fit your criteria. Thankfully computers have yet to fully surpass people. Getting on the phone with a member of the mainstages team is often the most effective way to get the best suggested performances at the best price. Contact us or call us at 347-878-2431 for immediate assistance!

How do I promote my performance?

We have a press packet for each of our performances that includes the mainstages graphic, a graphic for the performance, and a release with verbiage that can be used in newsletters or any other promotion you would like to do for the event. This packet can be sent your way upon request.

What do I do if I need to change the date/time for my performance?

We understand that logistics change and we try to be as accommodating as possible. If your change is made more than 20 days from the date of the performance, we will apply your deposit towards a future booking, with no penalty.

What do I need to know about the day of the performance?

We will arrive approximately 1 hour prior to your first performance time. We have a nice amount of equipment, so any tips on loading and unloading as close to the performance space as possible is appreciated! It takes about 45 minutes to setup and 30 minutes to break down after a performance.

What makes a mainstages performance stand out from the rest?

We are a company started by camp directors and youth educators. As such, we measure our value in the same terms you would. We work to make sure that your experience with us is more than great entertainment, but something that becomes a part of the fabric of your community. That means we are ready to roll, greeting participants as they arrive to a performance and go the extra mile in the way we communicate, even researching your website to create a custom experience that reflects your mission statement.

Who are some of the clients you work with?

We perform over 200 performances a year with clients ranging from community centers, schools, summer camps, religious institutions, hospitals, and literally ANYONE looking to entertain large groups of kids. You can see some of our satisfied clients by checking out our performance testimonials. You can also request a copy of our summer tour calendar to see the camps we visit during the summer.

Where do you perform?

NYC and the tri-state area are our stomping grounds, but we tour NATIONWIDE (and Canada!) The best method for booking if you're outside of 60 miles from NYC, is to get a performance quote. We string together performances in nearby communities to offer you a great performance at a great price.

What’s your price and how do I book you?

There are a few factors that contribute to the final cost for your performance with mainstages. The first step is to complete our quick form to Get A Performance Quote. The more info you can give us in that form, the better we can quickly contact you with an exact quote. Once you approve your quote, we will process your booking and you will receive an invoice for deposit and an agreement from our bookkeeper. A deposit and signed agreement is required upon booking and the remaining balance is due at the performance. We offer an advanced billing system with online login to review/manage bills, and we accept all credit cards.